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Ellsworth’s Vote To Have Government Take Over Health Care

Tuesday, March 23, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Indiana Democratic Congressman Brad Ellsworth voted for the federal government’s takeover of health care. Ellsworth wants to replace Evan Bayh in hte Senate, but he’s already behind both Dan Coats and John Hostettler, the two frontrunners on the GOP side.

Wait until the good people of Indiana understand that Ellsworth voted to cut Medicare by a half trillion dollars, voted for the Cornhusker kickback etc, and vote to assault the Constitution with the “Slaughter Solution.”

Oh, and Indiana is a pro-life state that will not applaud Ellsworth’s support for public funding of abortion.

You cancontribute to Dan Coats campaign here.

You can contribute to John Hostettler’s campaign here.


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