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Election Day Thread

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6:15 PM: Fox and NBC both project GOP control of the House with more than 60 pick-ups. Extraordinary, and early enough to ruin Democratic turnout operations in the West. What a repudiation of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi.

2:45 PM: has a great election blog aggregator. has a great results aggregator.

2:25 PM: Chris Matthews predicts Tancredo win in CO and Raesce win in W. VA. Chris throwing in towel very early today.

2:20 PM: Oh yes, the entire show will be televised at

2:15 PM: Line up for nine hours of radio: Meg Whitman, Chris Cillizza, Scot Rasmussen, Jonathan Alter, Jonah Goldberg, Jim Geraghty, Byron York, Fred Barnes, John McIntyre, Larry Sabato, Lileks, Brietbart, and –wait for it– columnist to the world Mark Steyn.

Or you could watch MSNBC.

2:10 PM: Sharron Angle trending up at Intrade. She is the story of 2010 –the toughest candidate of the field, who took months of punsihment from a desperate pol with unlimited dough, and that after a tough three-way primary. Hats off to the biggest rebuke to the MSM in this cycle.

2:00 PM: An email from a very savvy friend on why Dems won’t have much help hetting their lost seats back in 2012:

One name – Rahm.

He recruited most of the Dem candidates that were swept into office in 2006 and 2008. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of all 435 House districts.

But, his efforts, in effect, served up dozens of sacrificial lambs by taking moderate and conservative Dems that had won in those marginal districts in 2006 and 2008, and making them walk the plank with votes on health care, cap and trade, etc.

Next year, when the DCCC is recruiting candidates in these marginal districts, do you think they are going to get moderate to the same kind of conservative Dems holding state or local office that Emanuel was able to recruit? Why would such Dem candidates run against GOP incumbents, when they know that even if they win, the leadership in the House caucus is so liberal that their political careers will likely be sacrificed on the altar of a left-wing agenda?

A great example of this is Brad Ellsworth in Indiana. A generally moderate guy who was a very popular incumbent Sheriff in Indiana before Rahm recruited him as part of the 2006 election. Now where is his career once he’s trounced by Dan Coats today?

12:30 PM, Pacific
Obi-Wan speaks. Drudge leakers don’t.

9:30 AM, Pacific Ed Morrisey has the last word on the last “enthusiasm gap” numbers from Gallup. Wow. Democrats: Duck and cover.

9:15 AM, Pacific Victor Davis Hanson quickly destroys Eugene Robinson’s absurd column.

9:00 AM, Pacific I love turn-out stories –“my precinct was jammed” etc– but no grist for the mill until someone leaks something to Drudge.

4:00 AM, Pacific: At our Denver appearance on Friday, Karl Rove told the crowd that he spends election day calling friends across the country. I will do the same, but I do have to teach the dormant commerce clause mid-morning, and catch some sleep before the nine-hour broadcast begins.

Sites to check on a near continuous, rotating basis to establish a complete information flow:

Here, of course, as my email minions are vast. Got an interesting update? Send to –the Coast Watchers at FR have the best breaking news alerts on the right column

Hot Air (news)

Geraghty the Indispensable (news)

The Tip Sheet (news)

Battle ’10 (news)

RealClearPolitics (news)

FiveThirtyEight (canary-in-the-mine for the left)

ElectionProjection (analysis)

Powerline (analysis)

Contentions (analysis)

WeeklyStandard blog –including Jay Cost’s set of predictions (analysis)

Instanpundit (everything and more)

Jon Chait (previewing lefty spin on the beat down)

Now, repeat. Again, and again and again.


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