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E-Mail From Maryland: Foreshadowing Hillary

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From an old pal, recently retired from a career in the military, who just moved to Maryland:

As you know, I recently relocated to MD to take a good position as a 
college professor.  MD is a VERY blue state and recently replaced 
Governor Robert Ehrlich with the VERY liberal former Mayor of 
Baltimore Martin O’Malley.  Recently Gov. O’Malley called a special 
session of the VERY BLUE legislature to deal with a huge budget 
deficit (read gross entitlements and over expenditures).  I give you 
one guess what the result was.  Yes indeed you guessed it, a MASSIVE 
tax increase and class warfare.  Here are the basics as reported by 
the Annapolis Capital:

Income Taxes:  Changed from a flat tax (4.74%) to a graduated tax 
with three brackets 5% for single filers who make $150K or more and 
joint filers who make $200K; 5.25% for singles making more than$300K 
and joint filers making more than $350K.  If you make more than $500 
K you pay 5.5%

Exemptions:  Kept the same for middle and lower income filers but 
soaking those who make more by reducing their exemptions (So we soak 
you for making more AND we get even more by reducing YOUR exemptions)

Sales Tax:  1% increase to 6%

Tobacco Tax:  Double from $1 to $2 per pack (hmmm, who does this 
little sin tax afffect?  Lower income folks who are the predominant 
smokers )

CORPORATE INCOME TAX:  ( This is thievery)  Raised from 7% to 8.5%!
MD is now officially industry’s enemy and I predict many will now 
look to move to other less oppressive states (DE, VA, PA, NC).  How
many jobs will be lost and of course the slime Dems will blame evil 
corporations. Those who stay will pass this tax on to consumers.

Titling Tax:  Raised from 5% to 6% again sticking it to consumers of 

THIS is what happens when democrats take over.  If Hillary wins in 
2008 and the House and Senate get larger Dem majorities we can all 
expect to be declared rich and have our wealth confiscated.

It’s amazing.  For the first time in my life I am making an above 
average wage and MD is going end having me net LESS even though I get 
military retirement (which they tax of course) and my current salary.

I predict that many hard working citizens in MD will now look to 
relocate.  I’ve only been here for 4 months and I am looking for work 
in more tax friendly states.  There is going to be white collar 
flight from MD and it will not close its deficit and will ultimately 
take in LESS revenue as we have seen so many times with these types 
of confiscatory tax schemes which pit hard working folks against 
those who don’t do as well financially.


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