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E-mail #7 from George Smiley

Tuesday, November 7, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

He writes:

In the Senate:

George Allen is still ahead. Democrats have underperformed in Arlington and Alexandria counties.

Corker is ahead in TN. We’re confident. Still watching MO and MT.

In the House:

Lost Chocola, Hostettler, Northup lost but several

Potential pickups for Republicans look close but good for us right now … GA8 and GA12. With 40% of the precincts reporting in GA8 we are behind by 400 votes and in GA12 we are ahead by 1000 votes.

In FL 16, Mark Foley’s old district, with 49% of precincts reporting GOP is down by 600 votes.

IN9 with 59% of precincts in and the GOP is down by 2000 votes. FBI is involved in an investigation where an election official has been stuffing absentee ballots for the last two weeks … in favor of the Democrat candidate of course.

In VA2 with 67% in GOP is up by 3000 votes.

Sadly, they are pulling the same stuff they did in 04, which is call all the close Dem seats early, but not call all the R seats though Corker and Allen appear headed to victory. They are trying to build a narrative early in the night.

Watch the Georgia seats.

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