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E.J., Slow Joe, and Kerry of Kabul.

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UPDATED HERE.  And look later this evening for a transcript of my interview with Bill Roggio on the real conditions in Afghnaistan here. On Afghanistan, Kerry, Biden and Dionne all are clueless or disingenuous, or both.

Original Post:

E.J. Dionne does his best to perk up Democrats by attempting to argue that the vice president had called for the suppression of contrary views on the war –as opposed to underscoring their quite real impact on the enemy– and by encouraging his readers to consult recent speeches by Joe Biden and John Kerry.

Really. He did.  Biden and Kerry.  That’s the ticket.

Seems both failed presidential candidates from the past are pointing to “what should be a central element in the debate, the potential disaster looming in Afghanistan.”  E.J. must have penned that graph just hours before Coalition troops nabbed another big terrorist fish in Afghanistan, but it is doubtful that any news from Afghanistan counter to the meme being developed by the left –Afghanistan good but bungled; Iraq bad and bungled–  will get much play.  The whole “Tora Bora” meme fell flat in ’04, so the new meme appears to be “Afghanistan in peril!”

So, where to find these great orations from Joe “I hate Princeton” Biden and the windsurfer?

Senator Biden was at the National Press Club last week, and while he did propose a tax hike on millionaires, it is hard to garner any specifics about foreign policy from his speech, and Joe’s assessment of Afghanistan is hardly comprehensive: “Because we diverted our energy and resources from Afghanistan, it is on the verge of failure.”  That’s it.  Exhausted by this argument, Slow Joe moved on.

Tell that to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.  Or to Coalition forces that continue to kill great numbers of Taliban and rebuff every new “offensive.”  Just because Dem pols talk down the competence of Coalition forces in Afghanistan in order to talk up their candidacies doesn’t make it true, though it does make the speaker a dishonorable impugner of American and allied forces.

Here’s Biden “plan” for Iraq, btw:

It would keep Iraq together by providing each group breathing room in their own regions, getting Sunni buy-in by giving them a piece of the oil revenues, creating a major jobs and reconstruction program to deny the militia new recruits, and bringing in Iraq’s neighbors to support the political process. If we do all that, we have a chance to bring most of our troops home by the end of 2007, without leaving chaos behind.

Ah, cut-and-run becomes “carve, cut, and run” under the cover of imposing the partition that the Iraqis themselves rejected in their new constitution.

Slow Joe’s got other big ideas: “I would hire 1,000 more FBI agents and 50,000 more cops across the country.”  That’s it.  Plus a tax hike.

Now, to Senator Kerry, who spoke to what must have been a captive audience at Faneuil Hall at it was the fourth time he’d been there this year to deliver a speech.  Four Kerry speeches?  Have the merchants complained, or are they comatose? Some key excerpts from his most recent, Dionne-smiting yarn:

It is immoral for old men to send young Americans to fight and die in a conflict without a strategy that can work


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