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E.J.’s Right

Tuesday, November 25, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

You gotta say so when he is so.

The economics side of Team Obama is impressive, and the GOP should be worried that the president-elect intends to talk left and govern right.

They should be really, really worried if the senior members of the team start appearing on new media, confident of their views and eager to engage. (No sign of that to date.)

The GOP is convinced the Dems will overreach, and it will probably come in the area of cap-and-trade, card-check, plaintiffs’ bar gifts etc, crippling the economic growth that the incoming free-marketeers endorse. Watch for the first clash of the punish-the-rich lefties and the folks who actually know how the markets work.

UPDATE: Larry Kudlow agrees. (HT:

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