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E.J. Laments

Tuesday, March 21, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Stop the presses! E.J. Dionne is saddened by the retirement of a “GOP moderate”:

I’ll miss [Sherwood] Boehlert and his optimistic moderation. Our politics worked better when a sufficiently large band of Republican moderates and liberals could take the edge off polarization and orient government toward problem-solving. But the liberal Republicans are gone. We have to deal with the GOP we have, not the GOP we wish still existed.

The irony of E.J. suggesting that we need to “take the edge off polarization” is thick.

And who is the “we” he refers to? The permanent D.C. elite? The Washington Post guardians of America? The decidely not-a-majority Democrats?

To denounce polarization, and then cast the country in “we” versus “the GOP” terms is a remarkable bit of unintentional disclosure.

Which is why I love Dionne and will continue to request his appearance on my program –a request which has always been declined.

He is the pure extract of partisanship, so completely in the tank for the Democrats that he is apparently unaware of his partisanship.

I am a believer in partisanship. Parties govern, not individuals or ideas.

But I also believe in transparency and acknowledgement of partisanship, and do not trust any pundit who refuses to declare what is so obvious to all.

E.J., you hardly know ye.

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