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Durbin, the Jester

Wednesday, January 11, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

“Every time I mention those words they go into a rage!”

That’s what Dick Durbin just said about Federalist Society members when they hear Durbin mention the organization. He added that on such occasions as he has mentioned the Federalist Society he is accused of McCarthyism.

I have often seen Dick Durbin accused of being dim-witted, especially when he accused the actions of some in U.S. military of being indistibguishable from Pol Pot’s butchers, Stalin’s killers or Hitler’s murderers.

But I have missed the Federalist Society rages. A pointer please? Or is it just another cack-up by an increasingly desperate set of Senate Democrats?

UPDATE: Is Durbin really trying to tie Judge Alito for the West Virginia mining disaster? Yes, in a ham-handed, almost impossibly risible way. What a maroon. Into the Tule fog at full speed!

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