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Dreher on the Demonstrations

Monday, May 1, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rod Dreher has a new blog, “Crunchy Cons” (ht: Fraters.) Rod has some points on today’s marches. Point number 1:

I think the Latino activists will overreach with this. It’s my impression that they have no idea what kind of backlash is building up. It will be very hard for them to overcome the widespread use of the Mexican flag in the first mass demonstrations. For many people, the meme that “these are foreigners who are demanding rights that they don’t have” stuck then, and it will be hard to erase. I’ve been reading stories saying that some Latino leaders worry that the day will be a bust for them politically, because they are using up all their ammo early in the immigration reform process. Maybe so. But what I’m more concerned about/interested in is the backlash from conservatives and others who can’t understand why the laws of the United States don’t matter here.

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