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Down the Bolt Holes

Tuesday, August 2, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Using the information from the 2002 990 for the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, Radioblogger has been dialing for directors this afternoon, and has reached a couple, both of whom declined to appear on the program. One told us that all calls were being directed towards the Rubenstein Public Relations Firm. Hmmm. I wonder who’s paying for that? We were also told that bloggers are calling and calling. Heh.

The MSM is still AWOL.

I interviewed Michelle Malkin on the story today. Radioblogger will have the transcrip later.


Rubenstein Public Relations runs a sub-practice in Investor Relations. Their description:


Rubenstein Investor Relations (RIR) is an integrated communications agency for publicly traded and future publicly traded companies.

Founded by Richard Rubenstein, a third-generation publicist and founder of the criticallyacclaimed media firm, Rubenstein Public Relations, RIR has been helping its clients in numerous ways through its extensive network of contacts.As a result of our efforts, some clients have formed strategic alliances that have resulted in improvements in liquidity and overall valuation. Others have increased stock exposure, broadening the company’s shareholder base and reducing trading volatility. Still other clients have raised capital through primary and secondary offerings, debt financing, and restructuring. Most important, we create tailored IR plans that meet our clients’ specific needs.

RIR is a boutique investor relations firm staffed by Wall Street professionals. We specialize in introducing and positioning small- and micro-cap companies to the appropriate community of investors. We focus on facilitating and developing strong and lasting investment banking relationships, building institutional support, and improving our clients’ overall investor relations strategies. We also enable our clients to seek funding and increase exposure through:

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