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Donald Trump On Things 2016

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Donald trump joined me today to discuss all things 2016:



HH: Morning Glory and Evening grace America. It’s Hugh Hewitt. It is the week that the campaign officially begins so I begin with the biggest interview you can have this week, the biggest name on the stage, the highest polling person in America, Donald Trump. Just back from Great Britain, Donald Trump, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

DT: Hello Hugh.

HH: I did not know that you owned Turnberry.

DT:  I do. I own it and I have no mortgage on it — that’s even better and it’s a great place. It’s one of the great resorts of the world as you know.

HH:  Well, I’m a little bit hurt. You’ve done some good interviews with me and you’ve never invited me to play Turnberry.

DT:  Anytime you want.

HH: Alright.

DT:  I was over there because we have the Woman’s British Open which is a major and a really big tournament and it was fantastic.

HH: And a dramatic last round. Now, can I get you to buy the Cleveland Indians? Can we get you to turn around the Indians?

DT:  Well, I’ll tell you what that’s a great franchise. There is no question about it, that’s true but I don’t know — and is is a favorite and a great franchise.

HH:  You’ve never wanted to own a sports team have you?

DT:  Never much. I mean I looked at them over the years and I sort of came to the realization that you tend to make money when you sell the team. You don’t make money when you own it and the players and making more and more so it’s a little bit tough but yeah, the NFL teams do pretty well but it’s not an easy business.

HH: Yeah, but if you want to win Ohio in the general you definitely want to own the Indians.

DT: I’m not buying.

HH:  When you were gone I was on Hannity and I proposed that you are the only candidate now in the race or actually in the last few races about a major musical would be made. Has anyone ever approached you about Trump the Musical?

DT: They actually have not for the race but about 2 years ago they wanted to do it on Broadway and they are still talking about it. The it was going to be called ‘Trump, the Musical”. How do you know this?

HH: Well . . .

DT:  It was very big, big people on Broadway that have wanted to do that for a couple of years actually. Nothing to do with politics. This was before the politics.

HH: I’m not surprised.

DT:   Maybe it does better now.

HH:  Well, I bought the domain names. I’ll sell to you for 3 million dollars.

DT: You have a deal. That’s sounds great.

HH:  Now, let’s get serious. I will talk first about this nonsense about a third party. I know you don’t need any advice but I’m gong to give you some. You will do better in the  Republican primaries if you just swear off the third party because a lot of Republicans will never vote for someone who like Ross Perot will hand the election to a Democrat.

DT:  Well you know Hugh, it’s a very interesting subject frankly the third party. Number 1, leading the Monument Poll just came out and the that was a big, big victory but I will say that I only want to run as a Republican and they’ve been treating me well the last couple of weeks but as you know we had a lot of difficulty a couple of months before that and with let’s call it the establishment it just seems to me that as long as we are treated with respect, and treated fairly as a Republican I want to do that. I want to run as a Republican because that is the way we are going to win. We are going to beat — I don’t know if it’s going to be Hillary because to honest the problems she’s got with the e-mail stuff — I mean I don’t know how she can run. Because Petraeus as you know was just destroyed over the same thing except his is a much, much more minor infraction and what she has done is criminal so I just don’t know if she is running or not. But I believe that I would absolutely beat her and or Biden or whoever is gong to run because the country is ready for such a change. When it comes to that I would say that I want to keep my options open but I could certainly maybe be convinced at a certain point . . .. I’m doing

HH: Yeah, because I think . . .you’re putting a ceiling.

DT:  Very well with the folks and we will see what happens, but it is something that I could be convinced. There is no question about that.

HH:  Well my two sense is that you put a ceiling on yourself because a lot of people like me will never support anyone who dangles the opportunity of third party because it means the other side wins.

DT:  I’ve never heard it put so strongly because you know I want to run as a Republican. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I’m doing. I’m not even thinking about the other and people I’m immediately going to give that up and it’s just something that it doesn’t seem to give it up but when you said it the way you said it, that’s very interesting so I’ll be thinking about that.

HH: Now I want to go back to Hillary cause you just something that is true. 18 USC 1924 makes it a crime that David Petraeus plead guilty to 2 years of probation, a $100,000 fine before Mr. Deutsch lost his job in the government..When I was in the government handling top secret SCI information — if I had left it on my desk much less take it home, much less left the government and kept it, I would have gone to jail. You said what she has done is criminal. Do you think people widely recognize that Donald Trump?

DT:  I think it is amazingly. . . You talk about Teflon and they have been skirting the law for years in so many different elements but it is amazing that she’s getting away with it and they talk like she’s going to be running, she’s going to be the candidate. I was watching some of the pundits the other day, even the Republicans, even the conservative guys they are talking like it’s going to be Hillary and they don’t speak of it like I speak of it. I’m very surprised that they are not tougher with what she did with e-mails because it is really a criminal act. You know, she got a subpoena from the United States Congress and after she got the subpoena she deleted a lot of the e-mails. I mean that was a combination. So, what she has done is incredible and it is incredible to me that they are talking about her as the candidate so routinely and you see that. You know they talk about Hillary, Hillary as a candidate but what she did I think was illegal.

HH: Alright now let me talk to you about the other big story that happened to you when you were in Great Britain the Planed Parenthood videos. Have you watched them, Donald Trump?

DT: I have. I thik it was disgraceful. I have watched them, yes.

HH: And so should the Republicans shut own the government rather then fund Planed Parenthood?

DT: Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen? I guess they are doing it right now as we speak. I’m in my office in New York and I guess as we speak they are going for a vote of some kind and you would think that that would be a vote that they is the word that the won’t . . .

HH: The word is that the Democrats will filibuster and the president will veto — that’s the only way to get rid of Planned Parenthood money for selling off baby parts is to shut the government down in September. Would you support that?

DT: Well I can tell you this. I would and I was also in support if the Republicans stuck together you could have done it with Obamacare also, but the Republicans decided not to stick together and they left a few people out there like Ted Cruz. You know, they left a lot of the people who really went in and wanted to do the job and you know what? If they had stuck together they wold have won that battle. I think you have to in this case also, yes.

HH: Now, I want to go and talk to you about John McCain. I’ve had my arguments with John McCain over the years and a lot of them actually. I’ve always said he’s a great America, a lousy Senator, and a terrible Republican but he was a man of great courage. You’ve said you don’t like people who get taken captive. Do you regret that? I mean can we admit that was a mistake?

DT: Hugh, I actually said and when they took the whole statement under it worked fine but where I’m upset with John McCain and happened for a long time, I’ve been making the rounds to many states and you see that I’m all over the place and the Veterans come up to see me about — some of these guys are just strong powerful, wonderful people and the families are wonderful and they come up to me and they have tears coming down their eyes because of the way they are treated. And, John McCain has nothing, nothing for the Veterans, In addition, when I was in Arizona I had 15,000 people that were there — you heard about it–

HH: A big rally. Big rally.

DT: With phenomenal people and John McCain called them crazies and that — and these people were phenomenal Americans and he called them crazies so I have no problem with what you said except that he’s got to be a little bit careful. You can’t call those people crazies and you got to have the Veterans and he — it just hasn’t worked for the Veterans.

HH: But will you agree with me that people who have been captured in war are often captured because they are too courageous and jet pilots over North Vietnam, that’s courage.

DT: Oh, absolutely. I said that. I’ve actually said it. You know you had a very, a very good reporter as you know — you’ve heard all about that analyze what I’ve said and came out and Atkinson had said what I said was right but they had to read it and they take a quarter or a half sentence out but certainly it’s courage. I have no question about that. While disappointed with McCain he has not taken care of the Veterans and the Veterans are treated very badly in our country and that’s terrible.

HH: Alright Now I want to get back to the Republicans. If you are treated well but you don’t win anyway — let’s just say it’s a fair fight, you are not going to run a third party, you declare as much, can we talk to you already about running against the DeBlasio because you could be the DeBlasio like a pancake, right? And you know how to run . . .

DT: He certainly has a lot of problems New York I will say that and lot of people are very unhappy so we’ll see what’s going on. I certainly would have no interest in doing that, but he does have a lot of problems in New York and the people in New York are very upset with him.

HH:  Why would you have interest in being the Mayor of New York?. You are a big guy. It’s takes — it takes Rudy, it takes, LaGuardia, it takes Jimmy Walker — it takes big people to run that state.

DT: Rudy actually did a very good job. Rudy was a very good mayor. He did a good job. Especially when it came to the crime aspect of it and he was terrific. I am so set on making America grow gain and I know how to do it and I will make such incredible trade deals. You know we are losing with everything, Hugh. We are losing with China, we are losing with Vietnam — -people don’t know what’s going on with Vietnam. We are losing in trade and the border with Mexico. I mean everybody beats us. You know Saudi Arabia makes a billion dollars a day and they give us nothing and we protect them. You know with out us they wouldn’t be there for fifteen minutes frankly. And you know just see what’s going on and I can’t believe the stupid. You look at the Iran deal — I mean tell me about the Iran deal with the 24 days and with the four prisoners that we can’t even get because they don’t want to bring it up because it’s too complicated, and why is it complicated? And you know we gave them back a nuclear scientist, people don’t event realize that. We gave them back one of their scientists a nuclear scientist and yet we can’t talk about these four people that are in prison for no reason whatsoever. One is in prison because he is a Christian — he’s a Christian pastor. So, you know I look at what is going on with the country, I look at Sergeant Bergdahl which is terrible. I mean he’s a traitor so we get Bergdahl and they get five people that they most wanted anywhere in the world they get them and now those people are back on the battle field and we have Bergdahl. Who the hell wants him?

HH: Alright. Question:

DT: I can’t believe what goes on with our government.

HH: Edward Snowden, hero or traitor?

DT: Oh, I say total traitor. I think he’s disgusting and I think he’s a traitor and I think it is amazing that Russia is keeping him and it just shows that the stand that the Russia has for Obama. I say total traitor.

HH: Alright, let me go to some [inaudible]

DT: It’s some tremendous problems with other governments so it is a tremendous problem.

HH: So did Hillary. I mean, those governments knew everything that was on Hillary’s server.

DT: I agree with that. And you know who also knew? Huma Abedin. And you know who her husband is? One of the sleaziest guys in the world, Anthony Weiner. Now, you don’t think she told him about all of these e-mails that she had Huma was the one who had a process. She had everything and of all people she is married to Anthony Weiner and he now works for a PR firm. So think of this — he’s a PR guy working for a PR firm, he’s a total sleaze and she is giving all this information and this is top secret stuff but she is the one that processed it.

HH:There are concerns about Huma and by Andrew McCarthy — I put them in my book The Queen — she has a very sketchy background going to back to Muslim student association and other sketchy — do you share those concerns?

DT: Well, I certainly think there is a lot of things going wrong with Huma and that from my standpoint because I knew Weiner and Weiner is not a good guy and for his wife — and you know — a husband and wife they talk, it’s called natural. They talk and for his wife to have access to these emails and give them to Anthony Weiner and what he did — forget about the internet what he did, he now works for a public relations firm.

HH: Now let me ask you about the American nuclear triad.. Is it necessary anymore, Donald Trump, is it affordable?

DT: I think one of the most important things that we have to worry about is nuclear generally speaking. The power of nuclear, the power of the weapons that we have today and that is by the way — the deal with Iran — the concept of it is so important that you have to make a good deal and what they should have done is that they should have doubled up and tripled up the sanctions and negotiate from strength instead of the pathetic negotiators that we had so anything that we had to do with nuclear to me the power of the weapons — the problem is that it is not how many soldiers you have, the power of weaponry today is is utmost important.

HH: Do we need all the three kind of nuclear weapons that we have though?

DT: I think we should have absolutely have — you know we are going to have to build ourselves back up because — I don’t know if you saw that 60 Minute piece about a year ago where our nuclear weapons are so absolute and so outdated, the phones didn’t work, the wires were rotted and frankly to allow that to actually go on television where they are giving tours of places of silos and they are rusting and rotting and I’m Putin and I looking at that I’m saying I’m saying, “Wow these guys don’t have the power we thought they had.”

HH: But do you think we can afford to to just update one of the three legs nor do we need all three of them like the Cold War?

DT: I think we need massive protection and unfortunately you know the nuclear is the protection It’s not just the question of having a million soldiers nowadays. You need the protection because North Korea has it, the deal based on everything that I’ve seen as you know Iran is gong to have it, Pakistan has it, India has it. Hopefully, India is on our side a little more than most but people are getting it and Russia has it big league and China has it, but you know, Putin said about a month ago and I was shocked to hear it — first time I’ve ever heard it from that kind of a power. Essentially he said don’t mess with us, we have nuclear weapons. Do you remember that?

HH: Yep.

DT: Why would somebody say that from that kind of country?

HH: We are out of time so I just got to close with a couple of pop culture. Have you picked a campaign sign yet like Frozen or you could do Let it Go that would be a good one for you.

DT: Well, basically We are Not Going to Take it Anymore which is pretty good and it’s pretty good because that’s what it is. We can’t take it anymore.

HH: I wouldn’t use that though. Arnold used that though and Arnold had a glass jaw, Donald Trump.

DT: I didn’t know he used that, well I’ll have think about that. My theme is make America great again. The theme is very important.

HH: I love your helicopter gig coming up in Iowa that’s a terrific idea.

DT: Well, we are going to try and get the kids on there and giving them a little fun.

HH: Yea, make sure the helicopter is working. Last question. When is the last concert you went to Donald Trump?

DT: Well I haven’t had much time — probably Elton John at Madison Square Garden.

HH: OK so you do go to concerts are you a pop culture aficionado?

DT: A little, not an aficionado but I do I like music.

HH: OK. Last thing I’m leaving you with I’m waiting for the Turnberry invite and number two about Indians.

DT: One hundred percent on both. I love the idea of the Indians I have to tell you and Turnberry as you know is a very special place

HH: Donald Trump always a great pleasure to talk to you. Watch out Thursday night.

DT: Thank you very much Hugh, I appreciate it.

End Interview.


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