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Donald Trump On His Closing Argument To New Hampshire Voters

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Donald Trump joined me On Thursday’s program:




HH: Pleased to again begin the program with the very best interview in America, Donald Trump. Mr. Trump, welcome back to the Hugh Hewitt Show.

DT: Hello, Hugh. You know, I just read the best article about you in USA Today. Wow, what power.

HH: I know, that was a nice piece. I appreciate that.

DT: Very impressive. I was very impressed, so congratulations.

HH: Thank you. Yesterday, though, you compared the American media to New York real estate developers. If you prick us, do we not bleed? Really, we’re that bad?

DT: Well, some of them are. I mean, some of them are. It’s not bad. You know, some are not very honest. And I understand it, but you know, I don’t think I’d be that way, I don’t think. Who knows what happens, but I will say this. 25% are really good, and 10-15% are terrific people are very, very talented people. But there’s tremendous dishonesty in the media, especially in the political media. It’s incredible.

HH: I just, I remember your UN remodel testimony, what you said about New York developers.

DT: Right.

HH: And so, that…

DT: Well, you know, I was willing to do the United Nations remodel for $500 million dollars, and they ended up spending $4 billion dollars. And I said I’ll guarantee completion. They said well, but what will be the difference? I said my $500 million dollar job will be much better than your $4 billion dollar job, which by the way, was $2 billion. I said it will be $4 billion, and that’s pretty much what happened.

HH: Oh, that’s what, your testimony was right on. I just, but you were so harsh on developers. I hope I’m in your 15% when it comes to the media.

DT: Well, you’re an honest guy.

HH: Right.

DT: I know you are.

HH: You and I agree you are going to win New Hampshire on Tuesday. Who is going to be second and third, Donald Trump?

DT: Well, I don’t even know that I’m going to win. Who knows? I mean, I certainly, I’m up here now. I’m actually, we made five stops, and I’m right here, we’re going to our sixth. And I don’t know. I mean, I will say this. There’s a lot of love in those rooms. We, the relationships that I have, and I’ve been here a lot over the years, you know, not even to do with politics. I’ve always loved New Hampshire. And there’s a lot of good feelings. I don’t know about second place. I see it’s very competitive. Boy, there’s a lot of fighting. I’ve never seen anything like it there. They’re really going at each other, Hugh. It’s pretty wild.

HH: Well, so I am very confident you are going to win, but you don’t have an intuition on who’s getting silver and bronze?

DT: No, I don’t like to say. I mean, I have my feelings, but I don’t like to say. I know, you know, we’re doing well, and I know that there’s a great feeling, and a lot of people are liking what I’m talking about on the border and on trade and on the military and knocking the hell out of ISIS, and you know, on so many different things, and taking care of our vets, which is a very important thing to me. Another important thing, because you know, to me, it’s imperative we have to terminate Obamacare. We have to repeal it, and we have to replace it with something so good, and there’s so many options that we have. You know, we’ll do a great job. And there’s a great feeling up here, but you know, I don’t want to be so presumptuous as to say I’m going to win, because who really knows?

HH: Oh, I do. I was right last week, so I’m saying I’m right this week.

DT: Okay.

HH: But can we rule out Ted Cruz as your vice presidential pick?

DT: Well, I don’t know. Look, I have nothing against him. It was sort of a sad thing that happened, but I’ve always liked him. I’ve always gotten along well with him. But you know, I’m so much now focused on New Hampshire, it’s sort of like I think in a way, you know, other people said I did great, because I’ve never done this before. I’ve never been a politician, and I picked it up nicely. I came in second, I beat governors and senators, and all of these people that are actually hot governors and hot senators, right?

HH: Yes.

DT: Successful.

HH: Yes.

DT: And you know, I come in a strong second. Actually, you know, you win by more than 2,000 votes, that’s actually not a close thing. I did find it amusing where people say Marco, who I like, but Marco is unbelievable, he came in third, he came in third, unbelievable, and I come in second, and nobody said that. It’s sort of interesting, but…

HH: All right, now let me, I’ve got one more question about vice presidents. I had Joe Scarborough on the show last week, and I think Joe would make a great running mate for you. Have you thought about that?

DT: Well, Joe is a great guy, and I will tell you, I know he loves that concept of running for office. And I haven’t thought of it, actually, in terms of Joe, but I will say he’s a very talented guy and I love his show.

HH: He’d bring Florida with you, he’d bring a lot of media exposure.

DT: Well, I think I’m going to do really well in Florida. You know, one of the things that is interesting, to me, I mean, you look at Florida, I’m at 48, and Rubio is at 11, and Bush is like at almost nothing. Bush is so low, it’s amazing. It’s amazing that he spent so much money and he’s got such bad results. It’s actually amazing. But you know, it’s one of those things. But you know, I think I’ll bring potentially New York, I think I’ll bring Pennsylvania, I think I’ll bring Virginia and Michigan and Ohio. I think I’ll bring places and states that no Republican can talk about bringing, Hugh. And you know, as an example, if I won New York, because upstate New York, the numbers are through the roof. And if I won New York, the election’s over, because you know, it’s got so many delegates. And nobody else can even talk in terms of winning New York, so it’s sort of interesting.

HH: Let’s talk about Florida for a second, because you obviously have big investments down there, and there’s a state of emergency. The Zika virus has shown up there. You probably wouldn’t let Ivanka, she’s pregnant, you probably wouldn’t let her go into the state right now. What would you do if you were president about this virus?

DT: Well, you’ve got to do everything you can. You know, they have the vaccines that they’re trying to come up with quickly, but they’re not able to come up with. And it’s mostly affecting pregnant women, which is, you know, which is a very rough thing. What you have to do is you have to dust it off, you know, they call it dust off, which is basically spray. But I don’t see, you’re not seeing these trucks spraying, and it looks like a very small part of our atmosphere that they’re spraying. I don’t see that as being very effective. I suspect it’s something that you just have to be very careful with. And it’s true. If you’re a pregnant woman, you have to stay out of areas. I had not heard about Florida. Did this just come up, Hugh?

HH: Yeah, that’s today. The governor declared a state of emergency in four counties. I don’t know if Mar-A-Lago is one of them, but I just saw the headline.

DT: All right. Well, I hope that it’s not going to be very big in Florida. That would be very sad, actually, very bad.

HH: Now let me talk to you about a couple of issues, judges. I know your sister, Margaret Trump Barry was a very well respected…

DT: Well, Maryanne. Maryanne. Maryanne.

HH: Yeah, Maryanne.

DT: Yeah.

HH: Very, very well-respected judge.

DT: Right.

HH: She’s senior status now. Who’s going to advise Donald Trump on judges, because there will be three of them who are 80 or older if you become the president.

DT: Yeah.

HH: …on the day you’re sworn in.

DT: Well, it wouldn’t be my sister. We do have different views a little bit, but it wouldn’t be my sister. She’s a very, very highly-respected judge, by the way.

HH: Yes, she is.

DT: …as you know. She’s on the court of appeals, and highly, highly respected. But I think it would be a conflict to be dealing with my sister in that capacity, actually, because of the fact that she’s my sister and she’s on the court. She doesn’t even like getting publicity. And you know, frankly, they did a great story on her recently, and she didn’t want it. She wouldn’t be interviewed for it. But she’s very talented, she was always a great student and very smart, but no, I wouldn’t be, I think it would be a conflict.

HH: So who would give you advice on judges? I’m available.

DT: Well you know, a lot of people, a lot of people, but you know, I, you know, know a lot about that world, the judging world. As an example, Justice Roberts, everybody liked Justice Roberts, turned out to be a disaster because of Obamacare. He could have killed it twice, and he turned out to be a total disaster, so…

HH: I have to speak up for the Chief. I like the Chief, but it’s not a debate, it’s an interview. Let me ask you, then, about…

DT: Well, by the way, I probably would like him also, but he did have a chance to kill Obamacare, and he had two chances, and people were shocked at what he did.

HH: Let me ask you about the dope law in Colorado. I spent a few weeks in Colorado, a couple of months in Colorado in the fall, and there’s dope everywhere. Chris Christie and Marco Rubio say they will apply the federal law and shut it down. If you’re the president, Donald Trump, what will you do about dope in Colorado?

DT: Well, there are a lot of bad things happening in Colorado with people’s health. And if you look at the results, you know, they’re getting some pretty bad results. Plus, it’s being taken all over the place. I mean, I would have to look at it very seriously. Now I think if you talk about medical, you’re talking about a different ball of wax. But there are a lot of bad results happening in Colorado, and people are talking about it. I’m reading about it. So I would be looking at a couple of different things, but I really would want to study it further, because they’re doing a lot of studies. But you know, some bad medical reports and some bad, bad things are happening with what’s going on in Colorado.

HH: Good, I agree with you 100%. Now let me talk to you about a unique problem to you. You’ve got one of the biggest brands in the world. It’s like, you know, Oscar de la Renta…

DT: Right.

HH: …or Gucci or, you know, Ralph Lauren. Most presidents put their assets in a blind trust so they don’t know if they’re helping or hurting themselves. How in the world does Trump put Trump in a blind trust?

DT: Well, it’s a big company. I’ve built a great company. You saw how well I did in my filing. Remember when I filed, they all said wow, people were shocked at how big I’ve made it, and low debt, great cash flow, and a great brand. And you know, I have somebody that actually like you and your show, Ivanka, but I have Ivanka, and I have Don and Eric, and I have great executives, and I would put it in a blind trust. Honestly, Hugh, this is so big, if you win the president, there’s such an unbelievable opportunity that’s so much bigger than even the biggest company, that who even wants to think about a company? You know, this country needs help. We have $19 trillion in debt, we have nothing but problems. We have ISIS, and we have bad borders, and everything’s wrong. Health care, Obamacare is a disaster, and I would absolutely put, I wouldn’t care about it. I mean, you know, it’s a great company, it’s a company that can run very easily, and my kids plus executives would run it. I would have no interest. My total interest would be on making our country rich and strong, getting rid of debt, and doing the kind of things that you want to see.

HH: Well, you bummed me out a little bit, because everywhere I go, Ivanka is the most popular person in this campaign.

DT: Yes, that’s right.

HH: I thought you should bring her to the White House with you.

DT: Well, you know, she’s actually, that would be a good idea. She’s actually eight and a half months pregnant. So who knows what’s going to happen? And you know, she’s coming up to New Hampshire tomorrow, and she’s a great person. She’s really a very smart, young lady, but she’s a great person.

HH: All your kids have turned out to be great campaigners.

DT: They are.

HH: But let me go abroad. Angela Merkel, all of a sudden, Germans don’t want her. She’s blown it. She’s in deep, deep trouble. What do you think of her? What do you think of her policy vis-à-vis the immigrants?

DT: I think she’s terrible. I think what she’s done to Germany is a disgrace, and I’ve talked to you about this before. I think what she’s done is an absolute, it’s a catastrophe. She’s going to destroy Germany. And I, you know, everybody thought she was a great leader. I don’t know if she got carried away with herself. She’s putting people in the country. They have no idea where these people are coming from, and there’s tremendous crime. And you see what’s going on, rapes and crime and problems that Germany didn’t have.

HH: No assimilation, and that brings me to the President’s speech…

DT: And that’s the word. And by the way, Hugh, that’s the word. There’s no assimilation. They don’t want, half of them want Sharia law, which is a disaster. They want women to be treated terribly. They want, you know, the whole thing is ridiculous. I mean, they, there’s not going to be assimilation, and Germany and Sweden and every other country where this is happening, it’s a disaster.

HH: Well, that’s why I liked when the President went to the mosque yesterday. He talked about American Muslims. He saluted the Muslims who serve in the military. I liked the speech. Some people didn’t like the speech. But I thought he was stressing assimilation for citizens. Isn’t that what we have to stress?

DT: Well, assimilation is okay, but they have to assimilate. You know, if they’re going to want Sharia law, which many of them do, and if they want to live under their own banners but on our soil, or in the case of Germany, on German soil, then the whole thing is ridiculous. It’s never going to work.

HH: No, it won’t. It won’t.

DT: And I thought it was a surprising thing that he went to a mosque, actually. I mean, he could also go to a church, by the way, and he could also go to a synagogue. But he chose a mosque. And I thought it was surprising in light of what’s going on today.

HH: And also, a foreign policy question, Israel and Palestine have been fighting for as long as Israel has been a state, since 1948. Do you think a two state solution is viable, Donald Trump?

DT: I think it’s very, I think the whole thing is very, very tough. The level of animosity, the level of hatred and distrust is so, so tough. I’ve been with the greatest experts on the subject, and they think the coming together, you know, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if it would work. It’s a little bit like we’re talking about in Germany where you know, assimilation. It’s a very, very difficult situation. I always say you know, when we talk about difficult deals, I always say that may be the most difficult deal in the world to put together. The relationship is just so bad. And it’s ingrained. I mean, it’s ingrained for years and years and years, and the relationship, Hugh, is so bad. I use that as an example. If somebody could put that together, if somebody could create real peace over there, that would be, that would be the great dealmaker of all time. But it’s going to be very tough.

HH: Who’s giving you advice on the Middle East? Who’s your go-to guy or gal on the Middle East?

DT: Well, I have numerous people. I don’t want to give all names, but we have Walid, we have, you know, I have many, many people that I’m talking to, plus I read a lot, Hugh. I watch a lot and a I read a lot.

HH: I know you watch everything. I don’t think you ever miss anything I say about…

DT: No, but I do watch. I watch a lot, you know, late in the evenings. I have a wonderful thing called Tivo and/or its equivalent. It’s great. But I do watch, and I do read a lot. And you know, like I get the whole Middle East. The Middle East is a disaster. Don’t forget, I said don’t, as a businessman, I wasn’t a politician, I said do not go into Iraq. You’re going to destabilize the Middle East, and Iran is going to take over everything, and that’s what happened, coupled with ISIS, because of the horrible policies of the leaders of Iraq, if you want to call them leaders. It was a disaster. But because of the horrible policies, this subgroup for them, and it’s called ISIS, and ISIS has turned out to be a total disaster. So you know, I was the one that in ’03 and ’04, right at the beginning, said you’re going to destabilize the Middle East. And that was, you know, turned out to be a pretty good prediction.

HH: All right, let me turn to the general election. If you’re the nominee, you’ll be up against Hillary Clinton. First of all, there’s a new show on TV tonight about O.J. He was guilty, but he walked away. Madoff was guilty, he went to jail. Do you think Hillary Clinton is guilty of breaking the law? And is she going to get away with it?

DT: I think she’s guilty. And you know, that’s based on, you know, a little legal work that I’ve done and I have great lawyers surrounding me all the time for lots of other reasons where, you know, just deals and business. They tell me, and also reading and watching, they tell me absolutely guilty. I have a feeling that she’s going to be protected by the Democrats, and I think it’s very unfair to General Petraeus and to lots of other people that have suffered greatly doing far less than she has. And if you see the way that she’s reacting to the President, where everything he says is great, she doesn’t really feel that way, like on Keystone Pipeline all of a sudden, she changed her vote to, you know, her voice, to what he wanted. I think it’s, absolutely, I think she’s guilty. I think they’re going to protect her, and I think that’s going to be a very, very bad thing for our country. It’s going to set up an almost a double set of laws, very, very unfair, and very unfair to the people that have suffered.

HH: They’ve always had two sets of rules for the Clintons, though, haven’t they, Donald Trump?

DT: Well, Whitewater was a disaster, and everybody said that she was totally guilty of that. I was with a friend of mine that was very involved in that, and said it really was something that she should have paid a bigger price for. You know, she got away with it by a whisker. You know, that was by a whisker. That was almost a flip of a coin like she won the six flips. We have to find out that coin.

HH: (laughing)

DT: Find that coin. Can you imagine winning an election by flipping a coin? That is so unbelievable.

HH: I know. I want that coin for the Browns.

DT: Somehow, it doesn’t…

HH: I want that coin…

DT: Yeah, it doesn’t sound like the American way, I have to tell you.

HH: All right, now Bob Woodward was on MSNBC this morning, and he said about Hillary, “I think a lot of it with Hillary Clinton has to do with her style and delivery, oddly enough. She shouts,” he added, “something unrelaxed about the way she is communicating.” And everybody came down on Woodward like a pile of bricks calling him a sexist. How do you think she speaks? And is it because she’s a woman that she sounds so bad?

DT: Well, I didn’t, you know, I notice that over the last couple of weeks, she has been shouting very much. I think he’s really somewhat right. I mean, it looks uncomfortable, and a lot of people would say the woman, you know, I think that she has been, you know, very, she has been raising her voice a lot. I think it’s painful. I think it’s painful. I think it’s going to be painful for her. It does look like she’s really, really shouting, so I would have to agree with Bob Woodward on that. I think it’s uncomfortable, and I don’t think that’s necessarily pleasant to watch. I would think it’s very hard for her to do.

HH: All right, now…

DT: So you know, it may not be politically correct, but everybody knows it’s the fact. And it seems to be that way more over the last week and a half, two weeks, that I’ve ever seen it.

HH: She’s rattled, but Ted Cruz earlier today said you’re very rattled. What do you think of that?

DT: No, I’m doing well. I’m a very solid person, and you know, Ted, you know, where that whole thing is with, everybody agrees the most solid person. You know, you can’t build a great, great company by you know, being even a little bit rattled. Rattled has not been my thing. I’ve been a winner all my life, and frankly, I think we’re going to see a good result up in New Hampshire, and we’ll see. But one thing I’ve handled all my life, you have to be able to handle pressure, and I love pressure. I’ve always liked it better than even without pressure. And I think you know, you’ve seen it. Don’t forget, I’ve never done it before. I’ve been a politician for seven months. I’ve never done it before, and I’m doing pretty well.

HH: You know, I’ve worked my entire legal career for developers. They have been housing developers, primarily, on the West Coast and Hawaii.

DT: Right.

HH: And they make big bets. They make big bets. They win big, sometimes they lose big.

DT: Right.

HH: Is that mentality the one you’re bringing to this race?

DT: Well, a lot of people said no matter what happens with me, I can’t lose, because I’ve comported myself very well. I’ve done very well. They’re writing books about it. They’re writing stories about it. And a person who you would know very well, but one of the most respected writers called me, and you know the story. He said you know, you could, it’s been the summer of Trump, and it’s been the whole autumn of Trump, and it’s been amazing. I said no, it’s only amazing if I win. And he said no, no, even if you don’t win, it’s been amazing what you’ve accomplished, because you’ve changed the whole political landscape, including the way you run for office. So my attitude is I want to win. I don’t want to just do an amazing job so that the people say nice things about me in ten years from now.

HH: Okay, last…

DT: But I find it, I find it very interesting.

HH: Last question, Donald Trump, some people say you’re divisive. Other people say you want to make America great again. I listened to your supporters very closely. You know, I went to Roman Catholic schools where they taught patriotism, they taught civics, they did assimilation.

DT: Right.

HH: Can you bring this country together, because it is very deeply divided?

DT: It’s totally divided. Our President is a great divider. He divides everybody. He is just the most divisive person. And this will sound strange to you, but I’m actually somebody that brings people together. You have to understand. I started out, I was running against 17. We had 17 people, and they’re coming at me from every angle. And you have to be tough, and you have to be quick, and you have to be smart. And people are saying oh, he’s divisive. Well, you know, now they’re dropping out quickly, and they’re dropping out. Every day, we seem to lose a couple. But you know, you had to be tough, and you had to be sharp. Now, it’s sort of getting to be the way I like it. Now, I like it better. But you know, I am somebody that brings people together. And if I’m elected, our country will be brought back together.

HH: You will have to pick a running mate. If you had to pick a running mate from those that are on the stage with you this weekend, who would you pick?

DT: Well, I wouldn’t say, but I will say I have great respect for a number of people that have been running, some of them are gone now, but have been running and are running. And at the right time, you and I will talk. Right now, I have to win first.

HH: All right. Donald Trump, I will talk with you after New Hampshire. I put my money on you winning this thing. So don’t collapse here in the last three days.

DT: I’ll do my best.

HH: Thank you.

DT: Thank you very much. Bye.

End of interview.


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