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Does the GOP Have A Mole in Reid’s Office?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

No one ever got rich overestimating Harry Reid’s strategic political instincts, but even with that understanding, whatever could he be doing bringing up in the last gasps of a despised Congress doomed demands for the left’s jam-downs on immigration, gays in the military, and tomorrow, gags on free speech via the so-called Disclose Act?

Early voting starts in many states in three weeks, but the Congressional Democrats are turning spotlights on all the reasons the vast middle of American politics has turned against them. Perhaps one last vote on cap-and-tax is in order Harry?

I am off to Philly to see for myself why Pat Toomey and Tom Corbett have established enormous leads in their respective races for senate and governor in the Keystone State that was previously Obama Country. I suspect as well that contributions to Sharron Angle’s coffers are doing quite well every time Reid brings up another Orwellian-titled, anti-majoritarian special interest-driven favor on the floor.

Meanwhile, no one in America knows what their tax rates will be next year and the Department of Defense doesn’t have a budget because of the desperate political ploys of a scared and incoherent Pelosi-Reid “leadership team.” The White House staff waives goodbye as another “senior advisor” from his economic policy leadership head for the exits, and the president himself is delivering incoherent speech after incoherent speech.

What if the tsunami just kept getting bigger as Americans realize they have to not just defeat but discredit a party as far from the American center as the Democrats have traveled?

What if West Virginia leads the way on election night?

GIve Harry and Nancy another week of Congressional votes and there is no limit to what the Republicans might achieve this year.


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