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Does The Army Have Control

Wednesday, February 2, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Egyptian Army asked the demonstrators to return home and for normalcy to resume in Egypt.

But this quote in the Wall Street Journal report is an indication that resuming anything like a normal situation will be difficult:

“No one is satisfied,” said Mohammed Morsey, a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood. “He and his system have already failed, and the people do not want him to continue with his colleagues. He has to leave.”

Many in American media have refused to educate themselves on the Brotherhood, even though center-left writers like Lawrence Wright and Robin Wright have provided extensive background on the organization in books like The Looming Tower and Dreams and Shadows. Chris Matthews, for example, clearly does not understand the Brotherhood –or his blind hatred of the Tea Party has unbalanced his ability to process any information. Matthews is far from alone among the ranks of American punditry holding forth on the situation in Egypt.

But the Brotherhood is the key to whether America and its allies int he region are in a better or a far worse position at the end of this uprising. If a year from now Mubarak is gone and the new Egyptian government is run by some combination of democrats, technocrats and the military, all will have worked out for the best.

But if the theocrats are in the government and, like Hamas, moving towards or even past a “one man, one vote, one time” end game, then the U.S. and the cause of peace in the region will have suffered a terrible defeat.


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