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Do You Trust Them?

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Earlier I posted my reaction to the nomination of Harriet Miers. Some very good friends of mine are disappointed, like Peter Robinson. Other very serious conservative thinkers on matters involving the SCOTUS are disappointed, like Mark Levin.

These two, and many others, are conservative warriors. They don’t shrink from a fight. In fact, they’d like one on the issue of the SCOTUS nomination process. I think they’ll end up getting that fight, and on this nomination. The more we learn about Harriet Miers, the more certain we become of her character and future value on the Supreme Court.

James Dobson endorsed Harriet Miers today. Jay Sekulow endorsed Harriet Miers today. Add their endorsements to those of the president, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and numerous other Administration officials. Yes, I wanted Judge Luttig or Judge McConnell, but the president wanted Miers, and I don’t for a minute believe it is because of friendship, but because of W’s understanding of the importance of the Court.

President Bush has beaten the Dems like bongo drums for five plus years, and yet some conservatives are spooked by the fact that Harry Reid and Charles Schumer haven’t taken to the Senate floor to announce a attempt at a filibuster. Shouldn’t the presumption be –given the record of the past few election cycles– that the president knows what he is doing?

The hearings will be very, very interesting, and Democrats have put themselves in a very small box. It will be unfortunate if conservative loyalists help them out of it by legitimizing attacks on a dedicated and very qualified public servant.

My suspicion is that as Democrats review Miers personal story, and especially her obvious and deep personal faith, that “the groups” on the left will realize to their horror that, once again, the president has outflanked them. They may try to marshall their forces and launch an assault on Miers. The trouble with some conservatives declaring the end of the world as we know it is that they are effectively taking themselves out of this battle on the first day.

See also Patrick Ruffini, AnalPhilosopher, ImpactedWisdomTruth.

Note that isn’t wasting any time. Too bad some conservatives are. Here’s the e-mail from MoveOn’s hit team:

Dear MoveOn member,

This morning, President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court. Miers is a long-time political appointee, campaign counsel, personal lawyer and Bush loyalist who has never served as a judge.

Ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown taught us that vital national positions must be filled with qualified candidates, not political friends with limited experience. With such a thin public record, how can Americans know Harriet Miers’ approach to critical issues like corporate power, privacy and civil rights?

Right now we urgently need more information, and we need your help to get it. In the next few hours the Internet will fill with facts, anecdotes and rumors about Harriet Miers. We need your help to sort through it all, select the relevant and important details, and let us know what you find'”decentralized, grassroots research.

We’ve set up a simple web form where you can post facts and sources that will fill out the picture on what kind of Supreme Court justice Miers would be. We’ll get your research to the media, the Senate and our partner groups. This info will also be crucial in setting MoveOn’s course for this nomination. Even if you just have a few minutes to spare, it could help a lot at this crucial time.

You can post facts right now at:

Here is a quick chronology of Harriet Miers’ career, courtesy of the Coalition for a Fair and Independent Judiciary, to help jump start your research.

1970′”Graduated from Southern Methodist University Law School
1970-1972′”Clerked for U.S. District Court Judge Joe Estes
1972-2001′”Joined Texas law firm, Locke, Purnell
1985′”Elected president of the Dallas Bar Association
1986-1989′”Member of the State Bar board of directors
1989-1991′”Elected and served one term on the Dallas City Council
1992′”Elected president of the Texas State Bar
1993-1994′”Worked as counsel for Bush’s gubernatorial campaign
1995-2000′”Appointed chairwoman of Texas Lottery Commission by Gov. George Bush
1996′”Became president of Locke, Purnell, and the first woman to lead a major Texas law firm
1998′”Presided over the merger of Locke, Purnell with another big Texas firm, Liddell, Sapp, Zivley, Hill & LaBoon, and became co-managing partner of the resulting megafirm, Locke Liddell & Sapp
2000′”Represented Bush and Cheney in a lawsuit stemming from their dual residency in Texas while running in the Presidential primary
2001′”Selected as staff secretary for President Bush
2003′”Promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
2004′”Selected as White House Counsel

There are many important questions that need to be addressed, including:

What policies did she advocate for on the Dallas City Council?
What was her record at the head of the scandal-ridden Texas Lottery Commission?
What cases did she take on while working as a corporate lawyer in private practice, and what positions did she fight for?
What has she written or said in and outside of her law practice about her views on constitutional issues like privacy, the “commerce clause” or equal protection
As White House councel Alberto Gonzales played a pivotal role in softening America’s stance on torture. What positions has Harriet Miers advocated for in the same role?
Has she ever publicly distanced herself from George W. Bush?
It’s important that we move quickly in answering these questions. The Bush spin machine has been prepared for this nomination for some time and is already cranking at full speed. The strategy is to move Miers through as an enigma. We need to make sure the facts about her views are known.

This kind of decentralized research may never have been tried before at this scale. But a Supreme Court nominee with a record only the president really knows is a new national challenge. If we act quickly, we can meet that challenge together.

Please pitch in by taking some time to research today, and post what you find at:

Thanks for all that you do,

‘”Ben, Marika, Rosalyn, Joan and the Political Action Team
Monday, October 3rd, 2005




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