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Disgust with MSM

Thursday, August 4, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Every time I think that MSM has finally hit bottom and cannot find a way to fall off the floor, some part of it digs a new cellar to dive deeper into.

See Drudge for details.

UPDATE: Memeorandum has not yet posted a link to the Drudge story, but I am preciting blogosphere reaction will be intense. I do not know how many bloggers are adopting parents, or disappointed would-be adopting parents, but my guess is that the group will be well represented. I cannot imagine that anyone who has been inside the process will look kindly on the New York Times’ attempt to pry open this family’s most personal details, creating a public record that these children will no doubt be reminded of for decades to come.

UPDATE: Reactions beginning to appear. See here, here, here, here here, here and here.

UPDATE: Memeorandum has the thread up. I yield the floor to Professor Bainbridge:

Slimy Slimeballs

I find the NY Times’ reported effort to dig into the adoption records of SCOTUS nominee John Roberts’ children totally despicable. It’s just another example of how the MSM’s overweening belief that they are the untouchable masters of the universe blinds them to the privacy-invading low-life scum that they in fact are. Putting yourself forward as a prospective public servant should not mean abandoning all privacy rights, especially when it comes to your children. Some things simply ought to be off-limits.

What editor approved this inquiry? Did Bill Keller say: “Sounds good to me?”


One e-mail to the NYT on which I was cc’d:


As one who has represented the media as a lawyer for two decades, including newspapers, magazines, and network news divisions, and thus count myself a supporter, I am nonetheless deeply embarrassed and disturbed that ‘” assuming accuracy of the Drudge report today ‘” the Times’ investigative reporter is ‘investigating’

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