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Did I Mention Imperial Grunts?

Thursday, December 29, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Off for the rest of the day and tomorrow. Check Radioblogger for the transcript of my upcoming interview (3 PM Pacific if you want to listen) with Fred Barnes, Michael Barone and Mark Steyn on the election outlook in ’06. (BTW: You may be shocked to learn that this trio’s take on the political landscape is not all that different from that of Kos, interviewed here by Newsweek.)

And here’s the link to the interview with Robert Kaplan. If you haven’t already ordered Imperial Grunts, Kaplan’s new and immensely impressive account of his travels around the globe in the company of the American military, you should.

New Sisyphus wrote me earlier today about Kaplan’s account of his time in Columbia, the book’s most shocking chapter. Check his blog to see what he has to say if he takes my suggestion and posts there. He’s a former foreign service office, and has plenty of info on Columbia, and given Hugo Chavez’s designs on his neighbor, the FARC’s brutality, and the ties to al Qaeda, folks should be playing attention.

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