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Denial is a River in Chicago

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Yesterday’s USA Today/Gallup and Politico/Battleground polls had so much bad news in them for the president that the response from the faithful was akin to shock. The reflexive “Everything is great here” comments from Chicago —made to Mark Helparin and reviewed with Tagg Rpmney on yesterday’s show-– plus the loyal talking heads like my Great American Panel pal Bob Beckel on Sean Hannity’s show last night were revealing. A campaign is like the economy in one key respect: If you can’t see the problems you can’t fix the problems.

President Obama seems genuinely clueless as to how Obamacare, Keystone XL, the EPA’s “culture of crucifixion” and much, much more are destroying the incentive to hire and expand. His advisors took him to one too many campuses for a campaign launch worse than a North Korean rocket launch.

Money is pouring into Team Romney, and small donor numbers are skyrocketing as well. (You can add to that total here.) Romney just smiles and waives off the repeated attempts to divert him from the core message that this is a failed presidency, out of ideas on how to jump start the economy and without a clue on why its policies are so detrimental to job creation.

To keep it close the Chicago gang will have to go much more negative much earlier than they had hoped, but desperation produces immunization, and Romney appears to have already developed a lot of the defenses. The seminar callers are already down to the bottom of the barrel, and there is really nothing for them to say in defense of the president’s record.

Overconfidence is always to be avoided, but the serial blunders and false starts out of Chicago and the president’s complete inability to summon any rhetorical magic leaves him the worst shape of any incumbent since Johnson in early ’68, and Johnson chose not to face the music.

The best example of Obama’s woes? Why his imaginary friend Julia of course. All one has to do is bring up the president’s make-believe cradle-to-grave big government dependent to get a laugh and a knowing look. Who cooked up that fiasco, and how could the super-duper-no-one-smarter-Chicago-gang have combined Julia with big numbers of empty seats in Columbus?

The laughs at Obama’s expense continue as Julia has a new life on the web, with this offering from Iowahawk among the best.

When will internet Hitler take up Julia’s life as the subject for a rant?

Time to board the return flight to CA. TSA was not particularly tense this morning on the day after news of the latest developments in underwear bomb technology, but the country has got to be wondering that if the president cannot do the obvious things to cut unemployment, is he really competent to be running the nation’s anti-terror campaign?

We know oiiohh –Obama is in over his head. It appears that rule of thumb extends to re-election campaigns as well.


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