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Democrat “Strategy”

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Much discussion today on the show and on the Internet about Democrat obstructionism and whether they are helping or hurting themselves.  Virtually everybody of the right is trying to figure out what the strategy is.  Frankly, I do not think there is one.  Strategy requires objectivity and the worldview of the average Democrat prevents such objectivity.  They are obstructing out of revulsion of Trump.  They are obstructing out of retribution for Republican opposition during the Obama administration.  They are obstructing to punish the nation for being so stupid that we elected other than their benighted Hillary.  They are reacting, but there is no strategy – the question of helping or hurting the party never comes to mind.

Think about it – is not the way these days all about expressing yourself?  Is not everything viewed through the lens of the personal?  If there is no objective right and wrong will not the very idea of objectivity itself eventually leave us?  How can one ever even form a strategy if the only worthy objective is self-fulfillment?  This is not politics, this is catharsis.  P.A.T.T. is not “a” thing; it is the only thing.  Even if someone has some objectivity but they take the issue stances of those that do not have it for the sake of getting elected, are they not saying good-bye to their own objectivity?

I wish I could say we are witnessing the ultimate expression of a God-less worldview, but I am afraid it can get even worse.  Lots of talk about tribalism these days, but this could get uglier.  If everyone is their own tribe who knows what could happen.

Our problems are far more fundamental than our politics.

Consider a hypothesis.  The church grew largely on the skeleton of the Roman Empire, while pagan, steeped in Greek philosophy and reason.  The growing edge of the church these days is in places like Africa that have no such roots.  These are tribal nations that look far more like what America might become than what it has been.   The growth occurring there is happening in pentecostal fervor, not the sweet reason of the west.  I have always had issues with Pentecostalism because of its implicit rejection of the intellectual – it seemed like a step backward.  But I grew up in a time and place where the intellect was highly valued.  Pentecostalism as a road to a God-filled worldview upon which sweet reason can be constructed is something with much greater appeal.

Perhaps it is time for the church to reexamine the role of the Holy Spirit in its midst.  Perhaps it is time to tap into the miracles the third member of the Trinity can set loose in our company.


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