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DeLay’s Decision

Tuesday, April 4, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Tom DeLay’s decision to resign denies the GOP majority its best tactician in the House, a political Patton, and his focus on winning seats and then votes will be very greatly missed.

He left for one of three reasons: The approach of the Abramoff scandal; the approach of the Earle prosecution; or the approach of defeat at the polls brought on by one or the other.

If either of the last two, and Earle prosecution turns out to be as thin as most believe, it will be Earle’s name, not DeLay’s, that will be disgraced.

If, however, the resignation is because of the Abramaoff scandal and it reaches DeLay, then DeLay’s departure will have been overdue.

The final assessment of DeLay’s House career remains to be written, but there is no denying a few things.

A Tom DeLay is what every majority needs when it comes to running the unruly House.

The six seat redistricting he secured in Texas may well prove the greatest of his many political achievements, securing a narrow GOP majority even in this tough off-year.

And his reputation is not yet discolored by other than liberal charges and MSM cant.

The jury’s not yet “still out.” It hasn’t even begun to sit.

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