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Defending Sharron Angle

Monday, October 4, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I went on Fox News earlier today to discuss the surreptitious taping of GOP nominee Sharron Angle by third party candidate Scott Ashjian. MSM accounts of the taping are attempting to paint the tape as a major setback to Angle, but the truth is, as Howard Kurtz writes, the tape is at worse “mildly embarrassing,” and –as I pointed out to Megyn Kelly– could in fact do Angle good with independents who want to vote for an anti-D.C. candidate.

I will spend a good part of today’s program discussing this and the MSM’s wider inability to figure out what is going on in the electorate, which is a massive disgust with business-as-usual politics and media.

You can help Sharron Angle by contributing to her campaign via this online link. In news far more important than the tape,Angle received the endorsement of the Las Vegas News Journal, the most important paper in the state.

And kudos to Jamie Treachenor and Ben Clark for their great new viral video showing what is behind the Tea Party movement. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it.

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