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Defending Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck

Thursday, January 27, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I will be on the BBC World Service at 3 PM EST, defending Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck. Why? Lots of reasons but #1, of course, is that Ailes is from Warren, Ohio. Like me. He thus brings Buckeye common sense to every conversation.

The new profile of Ailes that is drawing a lot of comment is by Tom Junod in the latest edition of Esquire.

Central tenet of the Alinskyite left: Focus on, isolate and demonize a target. These days it is Ailes and everyone else at Fox. Thus the center-right, and defenders of free speech across the spectrum, should be pushing back at attempts to misrepresent and malign conservatives. The key is never to trust the left’s narrative of the sins of the accused. Never.

And for balance, be sure to read and watch this offering from Big Journalism.

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