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Monday, September 10, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the comments thread attached to my debate this morning with Doug Bandow at the Los Angeles Times over’s McCarthyite attack on General Petraeus (still unrebuked by would by C-in-Cs Clinton and Obama.):

 “Betrayal” is not the same thing as “treason.” Treason is a word copyrighted by the far right. Betrayal, though, can be used for example to describe someone who doesn’t tell the whole truth. Such as a general who, since receiving an appointment, instructs the military to refer to any dead Iraqi with a gun as “a killed Al Qaeda agent” thereby vastly inflating both the importance of Al Qaeda in Iraq and the successes of the military. Or who organizes dog and pony shows to mislead his own Congress. Or who has repeatedly spoken of progress when things were actually getting worse.

Is that the sort of defense I guess we can expect from Seantors Clinton and Obama?

Will MSM be tracking down the Democratic presidential candidates for on-the-record reactions to the slander?

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