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Defeating Obamacare

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The New York Times did what it could to help the sinking campaign of Ohio Democrat John Boccieri on Friday, but not even stalwart defenders of Obamacare like those at the NYT can avoid the key facts about the political disaster that Obamacare has proven to be:

The health care overhaul, a dream of liberal Democrats for decades, has been used by political opponents to build a case that Mr. Obama is guilty of ideological overreach. After hard-fought passage of the sweeping law, White House officials expressed confidence that voters would become more supportive once the fury of the legislative debate faded and Americans more clearly assessed the tangible benefits.

Yet despite a White House campaign to promote the law’s most popular components before the midterm elections, recent polls suggest that national support is at best stagnant, in the range of 40 percent, and may be declining after early signs of improvement. Some polls have found substantial opposition in the swing districts that matter most, like Ohio’s 16th.

Boccieri actually flip-flopped from opposition to the bill in the fall of 2009 to support in the spring of 2010. Not that it matters. GOP nominee Jim Renacci will beat Boccieri on 11/2 and down the road in Ohio’s 20th District, sophomore Democratic Congressman Zack Space, who tried to flip-flop the other way to save his skin, is facing defeat at the hands of Bob Gibbs.

All across the country Democrats are running from the Obamacare bill that the president, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid forced down the country’s throat and on which we continue to collectively gag. With costs and premiums rising, the issue will wipe out one generation of Democrats and, unless enough Democratic senators wake up quickly, will wipe out another in 2012 as the law that was supposed to reform health care instead bankrupts Medicare even as it drives up costs for families, creates havoc in employer-provided programs and introduces rationing to a country where any such exercise will be instantly noted and denounced.

There isn’t a single contested House or Senate seat where the incumbent is running on Obamacare –not one. When pressed they can apologize for it, explain it, or change the subject.

But they cannot run on it. Not nw, nor in 2010. That should tell everyone –even the still Obama-stricken MSM– what a disaster Obamacare is politically and will be medically when in full operation.

“Repeal and replace” isn’t a slogan, but a platform, one that is just beginning to cripple the Congressional Democrats and which will follow the president and those of his allies who remain in 2011 and 2012.

To push “repeal and replace” forward, please contribute to the Renacci and Gibbs campaigns, as well as those House campaigns listed here, and these Senate candidates where union money might still carry their Obamacare-supporting opponents back to D.C.:

Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire

Marco Rubio in Florida

Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania

Mark Kirk in Illinois

Ron Johnson in Wisconsin

Roy Blunt in Missouri

Ken Buck in Colorado

Carly Fiorina in California

Sharron Angle in Nevada

Dino Rossi in Washington State

At this point I think Mike Castle in Delaware, Rob Portman in Ohio, John Boozman in Arkansas and Governor Hoeven in North Dakota have such significant leads over their Democratic opponents that dollars are best sent to the 10 races above or to the House district races mentioned or linked.

With a large enough defeat, Democrats looking ahead to 2012 won’t want to spend the next 24 months defending the disaster of Obamacare. To get rid of it, dig deep for these candidates.



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