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Debating The Debate Over The Debate With Senator Tom Coburn

Saturday, January 22, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

On Thursday I had a conversation with Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn over his remarks on Meet the Press on Sunday, January 16.

My Washington Examiner column Monday returns to the debate with Senator Coburn, so the full transcript of that interview is here, and the transcript of the Meet the Press show is here.

The two weeks after the murder and mayhem in Tucson ought not to have been the occasion for a outrageous set of charges being leveled, but once made they had to be rebutted and were. The exit of Olbermann may be a signal from the suits of NBC –the network that aired the Virginia Tech tapes– that it has begun to realize its brand was being deeply damaged by vitriol. Already there is a report out that the push out the door has been underway for “weeks.” If true, then the McCarthyism fed in part by MSNBC’s line-up and denounced all across the political spectrum except by the extreme left may have persuaded even the mere liberals that the network had lost its way.


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