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Dear President-Elect Trump…

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Congratulations on an extraordinary political accomplishment.  No, that’s an understatement – congratulations on an unprecedented and stunning political accomplishment.  When virtually no one else did, you sensed a Sea Change in the political life of the nation and you capitalized on it.  For this you are to be admired.

Even more, your acceptance speech last night, while delivered in your own inimitable style, was in sharp and welcomed contrast to the bombastic, prideful candidate of questionable moral character that so many of us have feared.  Your speech was most unexpectedly in the mold of Lincoln and Washington, the great statesmen of our nation.  It is my sincere and fervent prayer that last night is far more representative of your presidency than much of your candidacy.

Mr. President-elect, I voted for you, but it was unquestionably the most reluctant presidential vote I have ever cast, and likely to retain that status for the rest of my life.  I implore you to remember those like me, die-hard Republicans that overcame our reluctance to vote for you.  We did so, admittedly, more as a rejection and repudiation of your opponent and predecessor than as a supporter of you.  We are the ones that put you over the top.  Hillary Clinton and the far left, power-abusive governance of Barack Obama lost far more than you won.  Please let that knowledge temper your administration with the humility so evident in your acceptance last night.

You admitted in your speech last night how very difficult it was to accomplish this amazing election, but you are now looking at a job just as hard if not harder.  As you staff up your administration, please remember that more than support, you need talent and experience.  Many of the best that the Republican side has to offer were even more reluctant to vote for you than I was.  Please reach out to them.  Please staff your administration mindful of the nation’s need and forgetful of the remarkable personal accomplishment that reached fruition last night.

I know sir that you are not a man prone to quoting the Bible extensively, but I do not find it coincidental that my morning devotion this morning centered on Mark 9:35

Sitting down, He called the twelve and *said to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.”

We are ending an administration that often sounded like that verse, but rarely governed in such a fashion.  In this campaign you have rarely sounded like that verse.  Your very first act of governance, your speech last night, was very much in accordance with Christ’s advice.  As I celebrate with you this day I pray God and implore you to let the rest of your governance be of the same tone.  That will truly make America great again.


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