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Dean, Dean, Dean

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In a post below Dean worries that the GOP is on a Foleyfreefall from which there can be no recovery.  Certainly he has even more reason to despair if he goes off and reads about the three new pages who want to tell their stories about the serial predations of Mark Foley.

But there are many, many reasons to be optimistic about how this story will actually play out.

First, note that Howard Dean thinks it is a very big thing and that it is working for the Democrats, and that he intends to use it as a cudgel:

For those who have known what this group of Republicans is about, it’s not a surprise that this should happen. They’ve put the interests of their party ahead of the interests of America and they’ve done it for six years.. We’re staying away from it, to be honest with you. I don’t want this to be seen as partisan. We’ll do gentle reminders, of course, and people will use it in their ads, but you know, I think that this is just a firestorm. I had airport mechanics talking to me about it on the road. I mean, when that starts to happen, you know this is an issue that matters a lot.

Keep in mind Howard Dean’s track record.

The Kos, Dr. Lamontenstein, also thinks this is a winner.  Again, check the scoreboard on his successes over the past four years.

Third, while Foley was clearly a disturbed creep and the new pages’ stories confirm that –though no IMs have been produced (they could be being held for subsequent drip-drip-drip treatment)– there is zero evidence of a cover-up of the IMs that ABC produced from the former page who apparently was 18 when he punk’d Foley into the exchange.

Fourth, Democrats like Patty Wetterling have rushed off the cliff and not only overplayed their hand but have energized rather than depressed the Republican base.

Fifth, other Democrats have taken stupid pills and are making outrageous arguments about Foleygate carrying a message other than that disturbed Congressmen have to be kicked out.

Sixth, after a five day classic edition of Republicans-not-knowing-anything-about-MSM, the organization of the leadership into one unit with one message has happened.

Seven, the “poll data” showing a wipe out is made-up.

Eight: All previous patterns are irrelevant given the existence of the new media and the reality of the war.

Nine:  Democrats are pledged to retreat from Iraq and more rights for suspected terrorists, as well as a blanket amnesty uncouple to border security of any sort.  Stocks are soaring and gas prices are falling.  The would be leadership of the House is not liberal, but radical.

To be a pessimist requires a complete buy-in to the proposition that the voters are stupid.

I don’t think so.




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