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David Gregory as Ted Baxter? That’s Unfair to Ted Baxter.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Soxblog slanders Ted Baxter.

Ted baxter would have agreed to an interview. He might not have been a great anchor, but he wasn’t afraid to mix it up with his critics.

And ConfederateYankee raises a quail-on-the-grassy-knoll theory.

And Wagonboy has a list of unanswered questions:

Most hunting weekends generate great stories and memories. It’s always fun, and at the same time jealous-inducing, to hear from a friend about their hunting trip. Here’s what I want to know but didn’t here asked by the self appointed host of The David Gregory White House Press Conference Show: How many birds did the Veep bag?What kind of gun did he use? Side-by-side, over-under, single? What gauge? New gun or family heirloom?What kind of shot?Who all went? Good crew to be with?What’d they eat and drink alongside the brace of quail?How’d you prep and cook ’em?Good cigars?Blends or single malts?No wives along, I hope. David Gregory has obviously never been hunting with real men. -Wb

Judging from the date of his last post, Wagonboy has been doing a lot of hunting in the last year.

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