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David Frum v. Lino Graglia

Monday, October 10, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My interview today with David Frum includes David’s devaluation of the very positive assessment of Harriet Miers made by Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht, who knows Miers very well. The transcript of my interview with Frum will be up later at Radioblogger.

But David Frum thinks very highly of Lino Graglia, as do most serious conservatives. Here is what Professpr Graglia thinks of Justice Hecht:

Nathan Hecht is very trustworthy. Nathan Hecht is probably the most conservative judge on the Texas Supreme Court, very trustworthy. He speaks very highly of Miers, who he knows, and that is a large part of my basis of belief that she’ll be all right.

The complete interview with Professor Gralia is immdiately below. Conservative pundits quoting anonymous sources have to deal with the very on-the-record statements of Justice Hecht, and the very established conservative credentials of the Justice.

UPDATE: I encourage people to read Professor Bainbridge’s take on this post, and to ask themselves, and him, if it is a fair assessment of my point. Note that Professor B. does not mention Professor Graglia in his post.

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