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David Dreier on the midterms, T-60 days

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HH: Joined now by Congressman David Dreier, once and future chairman of the House Rules Committee. Congressman, the leader of the Republicans in the House today, John Boehner, called on the resignations, called for resignations, what did you make of that, to try and get rid of Geithner and Larry Summers, and all the other people who’ve driven us into the ditch?

DD: Well, you just answered your own question. The fact of the matter is John Boehner clearly recognized the people who have been arguing for the largest tax increase during very difficult economic times. And the people who would advocate that, as you know very well, even Keynesian economists are not advocates of any kind of tax increases during, during an economic downturn. And it’s obvious, if you just look at the housing numbers today, if you look at the continued reports that we have, it’s not as if we’re in the midst of a robust economic recovery. And as you pointed out, as Arthur Laffer has written about the last year and a half, as we approach the first of January, the idea of a massive tax increase, I’m not talking about the wealthy, on small business, men and women, the job creators out there, would be devastating for our economy. And as you’ve said so many times, Hugh, it will create the opportunity for, or the climate for an even greater downturn than we have. And people like Zandi, other economists out there, are saying we should not do this. And as I said to you last week, I had a long talk with Art Laffer about this, because we’re continuing to ask do tax cuts pay for themselves. And the fact of the matter is, the tax cuts, marginal tax rate reductions, the tax cuts on those who are the job creators, yes, small businesses that happen to be in the upper income bracket, those pay for themselves, capital gains cuts pay for themselves, and yes, dividends tax cuts pay for themselves. They more than pay for themselves. And that’s why that kind of economic growth is so important, and that’s why John Boehner in the speech that he’s delivered in Cleveland, and in the message that he’s put out in calling for the resignation of these economic advisors, is focusing on two things – number one, reducing rates, keeping them down so that we can grow the economy, which will generate more revenues, and, as we all know, reining in spending. And we’ve got specific proposals to do just that.

HH: You know, I was watching Paul Begala on CNN, David Dreier, and he, this clearly scored. Begala had to admit this was very good for John Boehner to lead the Republicans with a drumbeat demanding it. Now the question is, will this consistently be followed through? My hat was off this morning as soon as I saw this from Boehner for going bold and going long. Do you expect more of the same from the leader and from Republicans across the country?

DD: Absolutely. I mean, I will tell you this is what this election is all about. You know, the Mosque and every other distraction that people want to get off on, it’s about creating jobs, it’s about economic opportunity, it’s about our global leadership role. And that’s why the idea of a massive tax increase without reining in spending, which is what President Obama, his team, and of course, Nancy Pelosi, who we’re all working to retire on November 2nd, are focused on. That’s what they want to do. That’s their prescription. And it’s just beyond the pale. We had a conference call today, Hugh, of the Republican members of the House of Representatives. And the level of enthusiasm is so high, we are stepping out all the way across the board, Republican members of Congress, determined to do everything we can to retire Nancy Pelosi. And you know, the one thing that we’re lacking, of course, and you talk about it regularly on your program, are the economic resources. We’ve got, we’re doing really well. We’ve got lots of members who are working hard on it. We’ve got lots of people across this country who are doing it. But the National Republican Congressional Committee needs the support of everyone in your audience now, because this is the entity that is focused specifically on retiring Nancy Pelosi, and working to make John Boehner the next speaker of the House of Representatives.

HH: And they’re playing offense, David.

DD: Absolutely. We’re on offense, and that’s what Pete Sessions, the chairman of our National Republican Congressional Committee says. We’re working in these targeted races, and with the kind of sweep that it looks like, that we’ve got an opportunity, if we have the resources in those 45, 55, I mean, it could be 60, really, really targeted races that right now people are saying are long shots. As this momentum continues, as we continue to be bold, I think we can make it happen.

HH: I’ve got to say, David, I think all this turnaround began in the rhetoric of the Republicans when you invited Dennis Prager and I to talk to the Republicans in Baltimore. I think I trace it right to that day, actually.

DD: Yeah, it was the Hugh Hewitt/Dennis Prager message that provided the inspiration, and just the lift that we needed. And we’re going to do it again. We’re going to do it again.

HH: Now I’ve got Carly Fiorina coming up after the break. We’ve got 30 seconds.

DD: Please, please, absolutely. I just committed the maximum from my leadership PAC for her campaign. We are, and she’s working hard to raise it, she is going to retire Barbara Boxer. If everybody in this state, Democrat, Republican, independent realizes that she’s out of step, even with the majority of the Democrats, and she’s out of step with anybody who wants to get our state economy and our national economy growing again.

HH: You know, Barbara Boxer’s so far to the left, she ought to represent Hawaii. All right, David Dreier, always a pleasure,, America.

End of interview.


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