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Dave Barry’s Funniest Story Ever

Saturday, March 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

When my wife told me she and her cousin had scored a couple of tickets to a Dave Barry lecture, I had many thoughts, one of which was certainty that middle middle age was defintely upon us. Another was that, given all the hoopla that goes into “events” theses days, Barry’s lighting and intro music would be interesting.

And, given that Barry had sold out a pretty good sized hall, I wondered if Lileks could do a couple of hours of stories.

Turns out Barry is a wonderful stage presence, and the proof is that the stories made me laugh in the retelling.

Barry was asked to retell the funniests tory he’s ever heard. And he did. And when the fetching Mrs. Hewitt retold it to me, I was laughing hard too.

Turns out there are many, many sites devoted to this true story, one of which I link you to now.

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