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Dads and Daughters

Monday, February 10, 2014  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Lots of extraordinary athletes doing great things this week in Sochi, and hardly an hour passes that we don’t get a 5 minute feature of a wonderful mom or an incredible dad behind them.  How, many parents must be wondering, did they put up with that life of rinks, slopes, trainers, doctors, coaches?

Lots of horror stories around of girls gone bad in the culture at large as well, like this Gina Tron piece from Politico on heroin in Vermont, or this run-through of the stats on binge drinking by young women on campus.   Where were their moms and dads?

As Valentine’s Day approach, focus a bit on the first relationship a girl has with a man, the one that sets the course for so many that follow as well as her life generally: Dad.  Coming into to studio today are the authors of Prized Possession, a book on raising daughters by Alan Smyth, a long time Young Life staffer who also runs  Smyth and his co-author Kristy Fox will join me for a couple of segments today.

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