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Covering the End of Bin Laden

Tuesday, May 3, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

In additions to interviews Monday with Senators Jim DeMint, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio (the transcripts are all here) and with House Rules Committee Chair David Dreier, Frank Gaffney and New York Times’ London Bureau Chief John Burns, Guy Benson and I also discussed with Andrew Breitbart the amazing MSM narrative emerging on the very day of national celebration for the dispatch of the murderer of thousands of innocents.

Andrew has posted the audio of our conversation here. Incredible as it seems, the left’s overreaching seems almost certain to hurt the president who ought to be enjoying a bipartisan burst of approval, a lift that is already dissipating as the overreaching of the left disgusts and angers voters who think that the American military, in this case led by the Navy SEALs, ought to be the ones taking credit for the end of the terrorist’s life.

This post by the Los Angeles Times’ Andrew Malcolm puts into text what many people are thinking about the attempt to politicize an American triumph.

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