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Covering for a Collapsing Presidency

Wednesday, June 30, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Today’s Washington Post features a story that will figure heavily in the unfolding attempt to shield the president from the political consequences of his epic mismanagement of the Gulf spill: The catastrophe was just too large to handle.

In “Oil Industry Cleanup Organization Swamped By Spill” we see the first draft of a first paragraph in a speech that will be given by every Democratic operative confronting the need to defend the president’s hesitant, halting and half-hearted response to the catastrophe in the Gulf. The disaster was just too big to handle.

Even as evidence mounts of continuing chaos in Team Obama strategy for handling the spill –see the post below on “A Whale” and this column by Dick Morris from The Hill— the MSM is struggling to help the president avoid the political consequences of his ineptitude. The spill and the ongoing coma in the economy are the twin stories of his presidency, but the president is not being pursued on the former with anything approaching the zeal with which the MSM trailed after President Bush in the aftermath of Katrina, and the reasons why the president’s policies have actually contributed to rather than alleviated the economic stallout (see the post on Allan Meltzer below) are unpalatable or not even understood by the MSMers.

No matter. The public understands that the president is in way over his head. November cannot arrive soon enough, though it will be far too late for the economies of the Gulf Coast.

One has to wonder if the crisis had been in Lake Michigan and impacting states more central to the president’s political fortunes, if he would have been more engaged?


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