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Copperhead Road and God on the Internet

Wednesday, November 16, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Don’t miss Soxblog’s “Copperhead Road,” wherein DB notes:

Democrats are merely making fools of themselves on national TV. And many Republican Senators, judging by yesterday’s vote, seem to want in on that action and have made a turn on to Copperhead Road.

Having done so will be to their everlasting shame.

Or Jonathan Last’s “God on the Internet” from First Things, wherein JVL warns:

Something is happening at the intersection of religion and the Internet that is like the old denominalization of American sects raised to a new and frightening power. On the Internet, those dissatisfied with what they find in their religious brick-and-mortar communities can simply retreat into a virtual world in which they are surrounded entirely by like-minded people.

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