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Conservatives Win In Canada

Wednesday, October 15, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Just as they have in France, Germany and Italy and almost certainly will in Great Britain and Israel when elections are next held in those two states. It will be a “muscular minority” government to our north, but one committed to the dynamic capitalism that defines free and growing societies.

The world knows that the war with the jihadists is real and continuing, that Iran is bent on acquiring nuclear weapons, and that only a vigorous growth agenda based on low taxes and a slimmed down public sector is an answer to the international financial crisis.

Obama is leading McCain with three weeks and one debate to go, but the globe’s freest nations have set an example for the U.S. electorate in rejecting the failed path of big government statism at home combined with appeasement abroad.

We don’t have to try Carter 2.0 with all the costs that entails. We don’t have to follow Europe’s and Canada’s failed path before returning to our own, hugely successful way.

Obama-Pelosi-Reid will be an enormous set-back to freedom around the globe and to the economy at home. It will be a sad irony if the the only electorate among the leading nations of the world not to realize this at this crucial juncture.

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