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Conrad Burns For Senate

Wednesday, September 27, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The radical left’s priority is beating Joe Lieberman with radical Ned Lamont.  The second priority of the radical left is beating Senator Conrad Burns with hard lefty John Tester.

You can contribute to Senator Burns’ re-election here.  A few dollars go a long way in the Montana media markets.

UPDATE: From yesterday’s interview with Senator Burns:

HH: Now Senator Burns, you’ve got a Democratic colleague, Max Baucus. But he’s not a radical. He’s been around for a long time. He’s kind of an old-style Democrat. Jon Tester’s different. Tell us about him.

CB: Well, Jon…really, he hasn’t run into a tax bill that he really didn’t like. He expanded, as president of the senate up here, he expanded the spending in the Montana state legislature over a billion dollars in one session. And of course, you’d have to collect from taxes to make sure you can pay for all of that, because the state law says you’ve got to balance the budget in the state of Montana. But you know, he just believes that we should repeal the whole Patriot Act, and I’m just the other way around. I don’t want to weaken families, and I don’t want to weaken our security.

HH: He wants the Patriot Act gone?

CB: That’s right. In a debate in Butte on Saturday night, I made the comment, I said he wants to weaken the Patriot Act. And he said I’ll not only weaken it, I want to repeal it. So that’s pretty radical.

HH: Senator Burns, that is radical. That rebuilds the wall that allowed the CIA, or forced the CIA not to share information with the FBI about the approach of 9/11.

CB: That’s exactly right….

Jon Tester wants the Patriot Act repealed, which puts him in lock step with Harry Reid, Ned Lamont and the rest of the appeasement Democrats.  If I were Burns’ campaign manager, I’d do nothing but talk about the Patriot Act from now until November.  I’d post the tape of the debate, and play Tetser’s inc4redibly stupid statement over and over again.  That is fever swamp vapors talking, and voters won’t buy nonsense like that.

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