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Congresswoman Martha McSally (And U.S. Senate Candidate) On Judge Kavanaugh

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HH: Joining me now is Congresswoman Martha McSally, the Republican nominee for that seat. Congresswoman McSally, good morning, great to have you, as always.

MM: Good morning, Hugh. How are you doing?

HH: I am great. I’ve got a lot to cover with you. I’ve got to start with the obvious headline of the morning. Dr. Ford deserves every opportunity to tell her story. You are yourself a survivor of sexual abuse. Am I correct about that?

MM: I am, yes. Yes.

HH: And so when I talked to Chairman Grassley yesterday, I stressed respect for the doctor if she appears, and graciousness, and that she have the opportunity to tell her story. But if she doesn’t appear, I don’t know that it would change a single vote. What’s your comment?

MM: Well, and I do agree. I mean, the allegations are serious, and she does have the right to be heard, and Brett Kavanaugh has the right to also be heard. And all of this, I think, needs to be weighed against the massive amounts of testimonies and background checks and experience of the candidate. So look, again, having been through this, I certainly don’t have a PhD in it, but I will tell you, also having been in the military and my own experiences as a commander and a leader there, dirtbags are usually pattern dirtbags. You know, they usually, you know, these types of things happen over and over and over again until somebody gets caught. And so this just seems to be a partial memory of something 36 years ago that wasn’t told to anyone at the time. Again, I think she’s sincere in her beliefs of what happened to her, and she should be able to tell her story, and that needs to then be weighed against, you know, Judge Kavanaugh’s response and the other weight of the evidence while we move forward to fill this important position with the Supreme Court session starting in early October.

HH: I love your statement. Dirtbags are usually pattern dirtbags. And there is no such pattern with Judge Kavanaugh, correct?

MM: Exactly. That’s the point. You look at the number of women from his life and that time in high school, and the character of him in all of his years since then, everything he has been through in background checks and the way he has carried himself as an individual and a judge and a man and a father, and again, doesn’t fit the pattern.

HH: So we will look for that on Monday. Let me move to a separate subject, one very near and dear to my heart. Kyrsten Sinema, when she was an anti-war activist, circulated, her group circulated a flyer which is deeply offensive to every member in the military, but especially to families of members in the military. This is what really gets me, the idea that our sons and daughters are killers and terrorists. And Kyrsten Sinema was circulating this. What sort of an issue has this become, because it ought to be the issue…

MM: Yeah.

HH: …what she believed about our troops during war?

MM: Well, absolutely, Hugh. I mean, look, and this was broken by CNN, you know, hardly a conservative outlet. We had already framed this race, because we knew Sinema was a radical left activist and protester. While I was overseas right after 9/11, she’s protesting our troops. She’s protesting in a pink tutu. She’s protesting, you know, many different times. And in this case, the protest she was leading, they had fliers put out, you can check the CNN article, that depicted a U.S. soldier as a skeleton and said, you know, stop the U.S. terror in the Middle East. This is disqualifying for a Senate candidate, from our view, across the country, but especially in Arizona. We are pro-military, pro-veteran, patriotic, and we want to make sure that our senators care and respect about our troops. And this is unbelievable. The fact that no one in the Arizona media is even paying any attention to it is ridiculous. But this just shows her true colors. She’s a protester, I’m a patriot. I put my life on the line for her freedom to be able to protest, so you know, if you want to do that, God bless you. But that doesn’t make you, you know, the right person to be the next senator from Arizona. So I hope people check this out, and I hope the Arizona media starts taking this seriously. Again, it was broken by CNN, and this is a major development. But they’ve sort of dismissed our pink tutu, you know, her in a pink tutu, and me in a flight suit as our opening contrast in this race. And you know, well, that was, you know, a long time ago, like B.S. You know, this is, this shows the character of the woman who wants to be the 12th senator from Arizona, and she needs to be rejected.

HH: Now this is, this is only 15 years ago. And again, families of people in the military have got to focus on what Kyrsten Sinema thought of their sons and daughters, not just people who served. They’re used to, I mean, having it roll off their back. They may not like it, but they never, I’ve never heard a uniformed member of the service object to protesters. Never. Not once in, since the war began.

MM: Exactly.

HH: But I do know families, and I do know that we are mad about this. And I cannot believe that the Arizona Republic has not got this on the front page, because she can’t say that’s not me.

MM: Right.

HH: That’s her.

MM: Right, and she led this protest. So these were the signs that were for this protest. Her email address was the reply to her for come out for the sign-making party and come to the protest. So she owns this thing. She owns everything about it. And again, you’re right. Families and members of the military should be disgusted, and those who are not serving in the military. Any American should be disgusted that this woman has, is so ambitious that she’s reinvented herself, tried to cover her tracks, and she’s actually running, pretending, you know, that she’s got this record on pro-military and pro-veteran. She wanted to slash our military. She wanted to shut down Luke Air Force Base. She’s an extreme radical left, but we are neck and neck, Hugh. People are voting in 21 days, early voting. You know, 48 days to election day, we’re down to the wire here. And the balance of the Senate goes through Arizona. If there’s any chance for them to flip the Senate majority, she has to win. And we are, no kidding, I mean, our polls show us up a couple of points. But it’s going to be a dead heat. She just put a million dollars into TV ads over the next six days, because she knows she’s taking on so much water. So we need to be able to match that and not get drowned out by her reinvented, Hollywood cinema production.

HH: What is your website, Martha McSally?

MM: It’s Please join, please donate, do whatever you can to help us.

HH: It is the key race. I believe by the time we get to Arizona, it will come down to Arizona at a minimum. We may have already won the Senate, but not comfortably by the time we get to Arizona, but we’ve got to win that seat or she’ll be there forever. I mean, we will have a radical in the Senate forever as opposed to an A-10 pilot who flew in combat for 300-plus hours, who understands Armed Services and would be a fit successor to John McCain in filling that role which Arizona has always had of being a very pro-military state. I honestly don’t, except for the cover she’s getting from the Republic, I do not even know how she’s within ten points of you.

MM: I don’t get it, either. I mean, and it isn’t just that. There’s some other things that have come out that you know, she was a criminal defense lawyer. But back when she was in the state legislature, and they were trying to make it a felony for individuals who went after, you know, children who were prostituted and going after the johns, she argued for the johns saying it wasn’t fair, that she worked with 12 and 13 year olds that looked like they were 19 and 20 year olds, and it wasn’t fair. They maybe don’t know they’re 12 and 13. And she got that bill changed so that they could have a defense that said I didn’t know. And this is on tape, her words on TV right now. I can’t believe this is a tossup race you know, given these two factors, never mind her voting record, you know, never mind where she’s voted against tax cuts and rolling back regulations and shutting down the government over illegal immigration, all the things even in her reinvented self. But this is, you know, people need to wake up and not be fooled. She’s, you know, smart, savvy and well-funded, and she’s got a good production here. But we’ve got to win this seat for Arizona and for the country.

HH: Congresswoman McSally, I want to draw on your combat experience.

MM: Yeah.

HH: Momentum matters in battle. And I was in Arizona on Friday night. You clearly have the momentum. I mean, that audience was on fire for you, and it’s a center-right audience. It had some of your opponents in it. It had a lot of people who might have voted for one of your opponents in the primary. But you seemed to have consolidated, I was reading the Real Clear Politics analysis. You’ve got everyone coming together. Doug Ducey’s got everyone coming together. It’s nicely timed, and momentum matters in politics, as in battle.

MM: It does, absolutely. Luckily, we have a late primary, and unfortunately, she didn’t have a primary. But we won decisively. We’re unifying. People are now realizing the real contrast and the choice they have here, and the stakes for our state and the stakes for the Senate majority. So we’re fired up, we’re on the offense. You know, we’re warriors. We’ve got a strong team with us. But this is going to be a fight. The left knows that if they can’t win Arizona, then they can’t win the Senate majority, and Chuck Schumer, and you know, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren can’t be in charge. So we’ve got to stop that from happening. We are definitely in a strong position, but we’ve got to keep it going. In 21 days, people are voting, like I said. And she just yesterday, this is a sign that they’re taking on water, they’ve changed their TV buy and they’re doing, she is doing a million dollars in six days starting tomorrow. That shows they know they’re in trouble, but we’ve got to be able to match it, because otherwise, you know, the persuadable voters will be drowned out with her fake message and not get the truth.

HH:, Martha McSally, always good to talk to you. Thank you for your service. I always remind people you can vote for someone who spent 310 hours in an A-10 flying combat missions over Iraq, or you can vote for a person who put out a poster calling American military servicemembers terrorists. I think I’ll go with McSally on this one.

End of interview.


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