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Congressman Will Hurd, Member of House Intel, and Former CIA Officer On Democrats’ Gaslighting The Country Re “The Memo”

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Congressman Will Hurd joined me on the show this morning to discuss how House Democrats and some members of media are gas-lighting the country over what thethe memo” says and especially on how no GOP House or Senate member of stature is calling for SC Mueller or DAG Rosenstein to be fired:




HH: My KLUP audience in San Antonio will be thrilled, because I’m joined by Congressman Will Hurd. He is of course a graduate of John Marshall High School in the great city of San Antonio, Texas A&M University, where he was the student body president, and then he served as an undercover officer in the CIA in the Middle East and South Asia for nearly a decade. And now, he’s a member of Congress. He is on the House Intelligence, the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee. Congressman Hurd, welcome, good to have you.

WH: Hey, Hugh, always glad to be on there.

HH: Let me ask you, do you believe that the Democrats in Congress, and opponents of President Trump in the media, are gaslighting the country over what this memo says?

WH: I would agree with that. And I’m reticent to say that, because I’m the usually, I’m the bipartisan guy. I like to work together on issues. But I’ve been shocked at how even some of your peers in the media have been critical of Congress for transparency. And what to me the memo was all about was highlighting a troubling, a potentially troubling practice that, by DOJ and the FBI at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court where they were using unverified information, circular reporting and rumors to get a warrant to spy on Americans. And as a professional intelligence officer, I spent almost a decade, as you said in the lead up, as an undercover officer in the CIA. My job was to tell the difference between intelligence and information. And our premiere law enforcement agency should do that. Now…should be able to do that. And I also want to add that this is not a rebuke of the Mueller investigation. This is not a rebuke of the rank and file within the FBI. I had the honor of serving shoulder to shoulder with many men and women in the FBI, and our country is safer today because of those rank and file members. This is, this memo was all about a practice at the FISC court that should be troubling if you care about civil liberties.

HH: Now when I use the term gaslighting, that’s a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt at a targeted individual or members of a targeted group hoping them to, you know, get them to question their perception, their sanity. And so when I see all of the Democrats out talking about issues that are not issues and trying to fire Mueller, who nobody wants to fire, or fire Rosenstein, who nobody wants to fire, isn’t that just classic gaslighting?

WH: Yeah, it is, and this weekend, I was on one of the Sunday shows with the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. That’s the senior Democrat. And he said, he said well, if Republicans had concerns with this practice, then we should have called the FBI and DOJ in and have a conversation about this. And when I got asked that question well, why didn’t you do that, I said we did. You know, there’s been hours upon hours of conversations with the individuals involved in developing the FISA applications, plural, and we had those conversations. So I was shocked, and the gentleman from California, the ranking member, had been in those meetings. And so I was, it’s curious to me about why he was saying that. But what’s happened is…

HH: The President, if I can interrupt you, Congressman Hurd, President Trump has a theory. He tweeted 15 minutes ago, “Little Adam Schiff who is desperate to run for higher office is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper. Adam leaves closed committee hearing to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped.” Your reaction, Congressman Hurd?

WH: Well, I would say that it is disappointing that when you look at the information in the memo, when you look at the words, there was nothing that wasn’t already out in the public domain. And even, you know, the Democrats were saying this was going to reveal sources and methods. DOJ’s saying that. But where was that level of concern and ire when that information had been leaked to the press? And so Republicans go through the process of, going through the process that has been voted on by Republicans and Democrats and signed into law by a previous president on how to reveal information. We do it the right way. And then there’s criticism of that, but there was no criticism when this information was leaked to the press. And so you know, you have to ask if Republicans are taking all the, you know, accepting all the drama around doing this the right way, that probably says that we weren’t the ones that put that information out in the public.

HH: But direct question, Congressman. The President calls your ranking member a liar and a leaker. Is the President correct?

WH: Well, I would say this. I can’t comment on whether he has leaked information or not. There is information being leaked. I can say in one case he was absolutely wrong when he says we should be bringing FBI and DOJ in to talk about this memo. We have. And why, and whether he forgot that he was in those meetings or not, or he was doing this for ulterior motives, that’s one specific case that I can point to.

HH: And did acting Director McCabe in any way, whole or in part, tell the committee that but for the information received from the Steele dossier that no FISA would have been applied for?

WH: Let me, I’m hesitating for a second, because that, I was, I participated in the interview with Mr. McCabe when that information was revealed. And he made it very clear all the information in, that went in that application, was important to get the application.

HH: All right. William Hurd, come back, Will Hurd, Congressman and former CIA member, member of the House Intel Committee. Follow him on Twitter, @HurdOnTheHill. Help end the gaslighting. Follow Adam Schiff around town and just make sure everybody knows he’s gaslighting us.

End of interview.


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