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Congressman Mike Pompeo On The Next Phase Of Benghazi Select Committee Proceedings

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Congressman Mike Pompeo, a member of both the House Intelligence Committee and the Select Committee on Benghazi, joined me in the second hour of today’s show, and gave a pretty detailed roadmap of what is ahead, and all of it is bad news for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:




HH: Welcome back America. It’s Hugh Hewitt. Joined now by Congressman Mike Pompeo, a member of the House Intelligence Committee. He represent great district in Kansas – Kansas 4th. Congressman, welcome back. It’s great to have you back.

MP: Hugh, it’s great to be on the show.

HH: I am alarmed by the number of people with sensitive compartmented information outside of skiffs – special facilities for the use of compartmented information. Are you scratching your head at how it managed to get into – I mean, David Kendall is a lawyer, but that doesn’t mean you get to give him his SCI stuff.

MP: It’s absurd Hugh. We still don’t frankly have a handle on exactly the chain of custody of how exactly this material moved around, and your point is well taken. We give some level of clearance to attorneys for particular matters, but still have handling requirements attached to the information transfer and top-secret SAF information goes only to a very few. It appears Mr. Kendall didn’t have that.

HH: Has the FBI approached the committe as sometimes happened the Benghazi Special Investigation Committee of which you were a member and asked you not to proceed because you’ll interfere with their investigation or compromise the indictability of some people?

MP: Our committee continues to move forward, Hugh. We’re still working. We still got a number of interviews. We have Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan – senior State Department employees that will testify next week, and so I intend to move forward October 22nd with former Secretary Clinton and lots of folks in between.

HH: Now the Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan interviews – will those be closed to the public and can go as long as you want them to go?

MP: They are going to be close to the public. They’ll be conducted by members and staff and we will get a chance to ask all of our questions just as we expect to do with former Secretary Clinton as well.

HH: Have you been informed of Miss Mills and Mr. Sullivan will be accompanied by counsel?

MP: I don’t know the answer to that. The committee would know. I guess I don’t know. I fully expect they’ll have counsel with them just as Sydney Blumethal had counsel with him. Many of them were senior witnesses that had shown up with their own personal attorneys.

HH: I’m curious with if you’re allowed to tell me if Blumethal’s attorney made objections repeatedly in the course of the conversaton if he or she played a passive role.

MP: Well, I’d rather not get into it. We tried our best to keep the content of these interviews private. I rather just not comment on that, Hugh.

HH: Do witnesses receive the 18 USC 1001 warning that any statement that they make that is false is in fact a crime?

MP: Every single witness that has testified before – both in the Intelligence Committee related to Benghazi and the Benghazi Committee – has been under the clear instructions that are to speak truthfully and completely, and the results of that could in fact could violation of federal law. I think they all were well-aware of that when they spoke to our committee.

HH: Now Congressman Pompeo – you’re a former prosecutor, Harvard Law guy. Trey Gowdy’s a prosecutor. You got all these prosecutors up there. This is a very serious committee that everyone said should never have started on the Democratic side. Have they at least shut up about that now on the Democratic side or are they still complaining about the province of the committee?

MP: Hugh, its been remarkable, to be honest with you, to watch the Democrats on the Benghazi Committee actually advocate on behalf of the administration instead of doing their duty. We have a charter -this entire committee has a charter, including the Democrats – they have not moved on from this. Mr. Cummings and Mr. Schiff continue to assert that this is pure politics, but last time I checked, the FBI wasn’t part of the vast right wing conspiracy. And we now have a broad swath of Americans understanding that our committee has behaved precisely as the Speaker demanded – get the facts. Find out why it is the case the four Americans were killed. Now almost three years ago, Hugh, get those facts and answers and get them out to the public and when we’ve done, we will have completed our mission.

HH: Have you happened to see the trailer for the Michael Bay movie? I think it’s Thirteen Hours. Is that what this is?

MP: I have not seen the trailer. I know the movie you’re referring to, but I’ve not seen the trailer.

HH: It’s gut-wrenching. Okay, last couple of quick questions. Other than Mills and Sullivan, are there other witnesses between now and the Secretary?

MP: There are. We have other State Department employees. We have a handful of folks that were in other places in government and so we still got a fairly long list of folks to get through and I don’t think they’re scheduled yet, but they will all occur between now and October 22nd and that wouldn’t surprise people what we have a few interviews to complete even after that day.

HH: And does Mr. Kendall get access to the interviews prior to the Secretary’s testimony in order to conform her story to whatever’s been said?

MP: Well, the information is supposed to be private. I’m hopeful that none of the members of the committee would’ve provided this information anyone. But there would have been counsel to some of the witnesses who would have been there and they certainly would have had access to their witnesses’ testimonies, so I suppose it’s possible. He’ll have had access to those interviews before she speaks to us on the 22nd.

HH: But the 22nd is public.

MP: The 22nd is public, open. Mr. Kendall has made the committment that former Secretary Clinton will stay until we are done asking questions and I expect them to honor that committment.

HH: Oh, that could go twent-four, thirty hours.

MP: Well, I’ll buckle in, Hugh.

HH: I’m looking forward to that one. Congressman Mike Pompeo, thank you. Great to speak with you.


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