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Congressman Kevin Brady With Another Revelation In The IRS Scandal

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HH: I’m happy to welcome Congressman Kevin Brady who today asked are we in America. Congressman Brady, you’re on with Congressman Campbell and Guy P. Benson. Well done today.

KB: Well, thanks, Hugh. How are you doing?

HH: Good. I had your constituent on as well, and we’re playing the President’s speech, you’re hearing us talk about this. What’s your reaction six hours after the conclusion of these hearings?

KB: Well, I will tell you, there is a lot of there, there in this hearing. It really was a discovery hearing, and we identified essentially five separate abuses of power in the scandals within the IRS. As I say, we peeled back only the first layer on this onion, and I think when we finish with a very deliberate, very thorough investigation, including interviewing under oath employees at the IRS who were involved in this. I think the public’s going to be stunned.

HH: Are you going to have Ms. Lerner on soon?

KB: Well, I am certain we are going to be interviewing under oath a whole lot of people, and without giving anything away, I’m certain of that.

HH: Guy Benson, you have a question for Congressman Brady?

GB: Well, yeah, Congressman, I thought that your formulation, asking the question are we still in America, it was so apropos, especially when we heard that exchange between Mr. Miller and Representative Schock of Illinois, who talked about the pro-life organization…

KB: Yes.

GB: …that was asked by the IRS in writing what type of prayers they did.

KB: Yes.

GB: I mean, that, to me, is like a whoa, holy cow type of moment. Were you blown away by that as well?

KB: Yes, and we had obviously been reading through all the material throughout the week as this thing was coming out. And not only did they ask what were the contents of you prayers, but they were asking pro-life groups to have their board of directors commit that they will not protest in front of Planned Parenthood clinics, which again, never heard of in my life. And it ought to frighten people that the IRS, that the government, is that intrusive on behalf of a political agenda.

JC: Kevin, this is John Campbell. I haven’t heard this. They made them commit that they wouldn’t protest, or else they threatened they couldn’t get a tax exempt status?

KB: Absolutely. Abosutely.

GB: Yes.

KB: That was one of the intrusive questions they asked. And this is a simple C4 application. This has never been a cross-examination of your political or religious beliefs. But this is far beyond just conservative tea party type groups. This goes to the pro-life movement as well. And John, one, man, you’re a great member. I love being on with you, and we serve on the Joint Economic Committee today. But there are five separate scandals within the IRS at this point, from the disclosure of private businesses, to targeting of conservative donors, to sharing the information with Huffington Post and others about conservative organizations like National Organization for Marriage, and then leak to ProPublica, a liberal organization. There is a lot of work to be done here.

HH: Congressman Brady, thanks for joining us. Guy P. Benson from, thanks to you, both. We look forward to following up with you, Congressman Brady, next week. And thanks for putting us in touch with your constituent today. She was extraordinary, and boy, what persecution. I’m glad you brought her to all of our attention as well.

End of interview.


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