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Congressman Keller Doubles Down On Defeat

Friday, August 3, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

You may recall that in the winter, Congressman Ric Keller of Orlando supported cutting-and-running in Iraq. Already in deep electoral touble because he is breaking a blunt, four-terms-and-retire pledge he made for voters, Keller compared the American effort in Iraq to mowing the grass of an ungrateful neighbor, thus earning for himself the nickname of “lawnboy” from his critics. Under a withering outpouring of scorn, Keller disappeared from view.

He reappeared in Wednesday’s Politico, with this keeper quote on his February white-flag vote:

Keller steadfastly defends his vote, adding that he’s been vindicated by the situation on the ground.

“I have had so many Republicans say to me that they admired my vote and wished they could say the same thing. But they were concerned about the backlash from the voters,” he said. “Everything I said has come true. … The results were temporary, and the body bags are permanent.”

Thus Keller joins the “see no progress and hear no Petraus” caucus. Keller has two primary opponents, including Iraq war vet Bob Hering and trial lawyer Todd Long (the latter has already raised $233,000, and Hering about $77K in loans and contributions, though Hering does not seem to have a websit up yet.). I’ll try and interview both on air next week to figure out who to support in next year’s GOP primary..

But it won’t be Keller.

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