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Congratulations Ken Blackwell

Tuesday, May 2, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is rolling to a big win in the GOP primary. He will be an underdog in the fight for the governorship, and big labor and MSM will be with standard issue liberal Ted Strickland from tomorrow morning forward.

But Blackwell is a charming, smart, tireless and happy campaigner, and he won’t let up for a second. He isn’t tied to the Taft Adminsitration, and represents a fresh face and approach for the Buckeye State. Every would-be GOP presidential candidate will work the state for him, as of course will President Bush, Vice President Cheney and just about every other Republican who can draw three people to an event.

Ken Blackwell deserves your support. Help celebrate a renewal of the Ohio GOP with a contribution to his coffers. (Scroll down –you can contribute online.)

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