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College Days: POTUS v. Paul

Tuesday, August 10, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

How is that GQ could “discover” more about Rand Paul’s college days at Baylor, and the Washington Post show more interest in that story here and here, than either publication ever reported on the president’s college days at Columbia/Occidental?

This is the JournoLista mentality at work, though without the handy diagrams that JournoList passed out via the list serve: Find a “fact,” produce a meme, all the lefties join in.

It won’t work with Kentucky, and increasingly the campaign to destroy Susan Angle shows signs of backfiring as well. Voters are so tied of the manipulation of the news by the left and so immune to it that the elections will be decided on the key issues and not on tales of behavior from college days or obscure positions taken two decades ago.

In this political environment, the JournoListas are reduced to trying to attack GOP candidates on any grounds that will divert attention from Democrats’ voting records on the stimulus, TARP, GM, spending generally, and of course Obamacare. The Missouri vote last week was a first indication that a hundred attempted diversions will not work, except to continually expose the amazing double standard and the woeful collapse of the credibility fo the MSM.


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