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Collapsing Family Structures and 9/11

Wednesday, November 9, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I don’t often read the Washington Post’s Jim Hoagland. He’s old school and usually avoids giving offense to anyone or information that hasn’t been available for months on the internet. Today’s column, though, is about the French riots, “French Lessons,” and Hoagland knows Europe, so I gave a look. As he’s winding up a fairly absurd, risibly apologist effort, Hoagland pauses to toss this gem out:

The United States has responded to the collapsing social and family structures of the Muslim Middle East and Central Asia with the fire and brimstone of war.

Can anyone more fundamentally misunderstand 9/11 than a writer who attributes its root cause to “collapsing social and family structures?”

Does a statement so far outside of reality tell us anything about the columnist who wrote it?

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