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Co-Dependency, Addictions, and National Elections

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Despite the ever-growing email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton, the first polls since the scandal broke show that her support amongst Democrats remains strong.  That could be construed as a reflection of the lack of competition, but it is also makes one wonder what it will take to make a Democrat turn from one of their own.

If you were not able, it is worth the price of admission to the Hughniverse to be able to listen to the third hour of yesterday’s show as Hugh interviewed Rick Santorum and Robert Putnam.  Certainly you should read the latest books from both men.  The hour painted a bleak, but sadly realistic, picture of the future of our nation.

When you combine the images of the yesterday’s third hour with the poll results, you really begin to wonder.  Not that Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for the ills that we face; but when we find ourselves in another round of privilege scandal before the election is truly begun and a significant portion of the nation turns towards the scandal, the nation looks like nothing so much as the abused wife that upon finally escaping her abuser enters another abusive relationship.Of course, all analogies can be pressed too far and over-analyzed, as can the one I just made.  But consider that despite the course corrections that were the Reagan/Bush years and the W years our nation has generally continued down a path of Democrat policy with a highly unsatisfying result, if Santorum and Putnam are to believed. (Their evidence is strong.)   And yet the nation considers more of same.  That certainly is an addictive/co-dependent pattern of behavior.

I am no expert in psychology and these types of behaviors.  But I am a Christian guy that has spent a lot of time in small groups and other settings trying to be a friend to people that suffered from these things.  I have seen people recover to happy, full lives and I have seen people finish their lives on Skid Row.  I have seen people of both outcomes travel virtually the same path in efforts to deal with their problems.  How come some can break the pattern and some can not?

In my experience, the difference lies in the 12-steps of Bill W.  These steps, familiar to most, are an exercise in spirituality if not religiosity.  They involve understanding that behavior, all behavior, has a moral component and that there is a “Power greater than ourselves” to which it is necessary to submit to improve our behavior.  People that I know that have overcome their addictive/co-dependent behavior are people who have not merely paid lip service to this submission, but people that truly, completely submitted to it.

The nation as a whole cannot experience that sort of cathartic event.  But the government can return to the idea that there is a power greater than itself.  Constitutionally that greater power is the law and the governed.  Our leaders serve us and are subject to the law of the land just as we are.  If, as a nation, we want to escape the Santorum/Putnam future we need to turn away from candidates that flaunt the law and the constitution.

But to do that we, the governed, have to subject ourselves to a higher power as well.  We have to turn away from government as the solution to all our problems and seek guidance and assistance from other sources.  Might I suggest church?


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