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CNN’s Ed Henry…

Wednesday, January 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

was my guest on tonight’s show. He had been scheduled for yesterday, but cancelled. He was scheduled for tonight’s show for the first two segments of the third hour –a total of 20 minutes of air time. He tried to cancel again, but yielded when I pointed out I had cleared the time and had promoted his appearance. The topic was to be the CCN’s coverage of the Alito hearings, the topic on which I appeared on CNN this weekend and over which Henry and I had sparred. Henry arrived for the second segment, and the short third segment, and I asked him to stay over.

Henry hung up on me mid-fourth segment, after refusing to answer questions about CNN’s pervasive bias, its stacked line-up on Larry King the night the hearings ended, its failure to have a counterpart to lefty (and usually incoherent) Jack Cafferty, and its thorough-going refusal to report Democratic lies and obfuscations during the hearings, such as Teddy’s reading of a parody from Prospect Magazine as though it was a real story, or Joe Biden’s blatant hypocrisy when it came to Princeton.

Not surprisingly, Henry wouldn’t answer who he voted for or discuss his own political opinions.

Radioblogger will post the transcript of the Henry interview and some of the audio later.

I think political folks should pocket the reply for future use: Why should I answer your questions when you won’t answer those of other reporters?

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