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The Clinton Strategy Strikes Again

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As Geraghty said this morning:

President Trump must feel pretty confident Roy Moore is going to win the Senate special election in Alabama. […]

Even by Trump standards, there’s not much logic or advantage by jumping on the bandwagon of an enormously controversial candidate like Moore if he’s about to lose.

Can’t disagree.  A strategy played expertly by Bill Clinton is again apparently succeeding.  That strategy?  Do something clearly outside of most people’s taste and morality, but not quite to the level of total revulsion, dodge, dissemble, point fingers in other directions, and generally obfuscate until such time as events overtake and put your troubles behind you.  This strategy only works when the issue at hand is of a moralistic nature, and the fact that it now works on the conservative side of the aisle is just depressing.

Two observations about this strategy.  One, to pull it off you have to have a sense of self-righteousness that borders on the delusional.  Look, I don’t know Bill Clinton and I don’t know Roy Moore, but it should be obvious that to stay the course in the face of these kinds of headwinds, even if the allegations are false, demands a sense of self that should be disqualifying in its own right.

The second observation is the one that is truly and deeply troubling – politics trumps everything else.  I know Moore likes to wrap himself up in his faith, and I have no doubt of the sincerity of his faith, but I have met a whole bunch of deeply faithful people that did really stupid stuff.  Being religious does not make one immune from immoral and questionable behavior.  But religiosity should change how we deal with the immoral and the questionable – both personally and as a community of faith.  If Moore is in fact elected, the faith communities of Alabama will be saying that political victory is more important to them than the allegations and accusations that have been leveled.  They, and religious conservatives generally by extension, will be saying that we are really no different than our opponents – that our religiosity extends only so far.

It is too early to condemn any voter, the votes have not been cast.  Roy Moore; however, deserves massive condemnation.  By his actions he has put all of us in a position where it will be perfectly and completely clear  what we are sacrificing on the alter of political expediency.  While the Left has consistently refused to acknowledge our moral authority, that authority has still existed.  But if Moore is voted in then we will no longer be able to lay claim to that authority for we will be playing the game by exactly the same rules they do.

I have long been of the opinion that Bill Clinton’s toughing out of impeachment made him far more despicable than Richard Nixon.  By his resignation Nixon put the good of the nation ahead of his ambition, the inevitability of his impeachment notwithstanding.  Clinton, and now Moore after him, are all about themselves.  And they have put the rest of us in a position that apparently we have no choice but to be all about ourselves as well.

I, like Captain Kirk, do not believe in the “no-win scenario.”  But I am also reminded that some of the biggest wins in history did not appear as wins in their own context.


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