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Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

Monday, June 28, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This decision is deeply troubling and disappointing, and the Court’s hostility to freedom of conscience is shocking. I will spend time with the appropriate experts today, but the framers would not recognize a Constitution that does not protect a group of religious believers from organizing around the central tenets of their faith because of the disapproval of the state. Secular elites using undemocratic institutions are imposing their hostility to traditional Christian belief across all institutions they control. It will require new majorities in Congress to impose funding restrictions on those institutions similar to those that guaranteed the right of our military to recruit on campus to return Christian groups to a position of freedom on campus.

In the interim the most interesting question will be whether those groups ought to close up shop on campus and meet free of the control of the state. Law schools will be poorer for their absence, but intellectual diversity is not what the secular absolutists in control of so many campuses are after, nor what a majority of the Supreme Court values.

Consider a donation to the Alliance Defense Fund via the rotating banner ad to the right as a means of registering your disapproval of the Court majority’s blow against freedom of conscience today.


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