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Choosing Prosperity and Strength: The Polls Move Towards McCain

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Yesterday’s Gallup shocker (a 2 point gap in the “likely voter” model) is going to have a follow up today if Drudge is right: A Rasmussen poll narrowing the gap to 3 points. Now we know why John McCain and Sarah Palin were both in PA yesterday. The election is tightening across the map as those of us who remember 1976 have been predicting all along. Barack Obama represents a much more radical alternative than Jimmy Carter did in ’76, and Carter’s unusual profile sent voters by the millions towards Gerald Ford in the closing days. The same thing is happening this year as the very well known and very reliable John McCain enters his last big comeback within striking distance and very much on target.

That target is the combination of Obama’s plans for massive tax hikes and a “share the wealth” program and the Biden gaffe on Obama’s inexperience attracting a crisis within six months. (Joe Biden also helpfully informed voters yesterday that the taregted taxpayer level is dropping already, this time to $150K).

McCain is pounding on the fact that Obama’s soaring tax burden will guarantee that the market losses of the last month will not be coming back, and that even if they did, would not be left with the taxpayers who earned them. Biden’s candor is forcing voters on the fence to consider who they want in charge when the mullahs of Iran make their move towards nukes or against Israel through Hezbollah –or both. (See Michael Barone’s latest for a summary of Obama’s commitment to the biggest mistakes made in the Depression-era: raising taxes and trade barriers. HT

If the polls tighten any further, panic will grip the inside of Team Obama. In fact, the quick jumps toward McCain guarantees that the GOP will stay energized through the end of the campaign. McCain voters know how hard the MSM has been working to demoralize them and keep them home, and the backfiring of the attempt is wonderful to behold.

I have been in Colorado and Minnesota with my colleagues Dennis Prager and Michael Medved, and will be at another rally with them tonight in Cleveland. I have never seen such extraordinary turnouts or enthusiasm. The GOP base is every bit as passionate and activated as the Democratic base, outraged at the MSM and deeply worried about the prospects of an Obama-Pelosi-Reid troika doing long lasting damage to the economic and national security of the country as well as to its Constitution through hard left judicial appointees.

In a 50/50 country, every presidential election is going to be close, and this one is no different, no matter how often goofy polls and MSNBC tells you otherwise.

Be sure to do your part: Send any bitter, gun-and-God-clinging PA voters you know the link to Perry Nunley’s “Redneck Date” at to remind them of the Obama-Murtha contempt for their beliefs and region.


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